Day 1 set to go at Pipeline


posted on 16th February 2009

The first day of the 2009 Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro is locked and loaded and ready to fire into action on the North Shore of Oahu.

This is the first event on the International Bodyboarding Association Men's World Tour for 2009 and carries a Grand Slam status as well as double points towards the championship.

Today the trials were contested at "Erma's" on the East coast in some punchy 3-4 footers and the 8 Trailists making it through were as follows.

Julien Miremont
John Porzuczec
Julien Lacatoure
Brian Wise
Rusty Friesen
Drew Innocend
Tucker Bontecou
Morgan Brown
Reis Yonheiro

The remaining riders that were in the trials are now on the alternate list and will be standby for a possible start tomorrow morning.

This give us a total of 144 of the Worlds best riders over three days of competition during the 11 day waiting period.

"Tomorrow is looking like a 99% chance for a start" said Terry McKenna, IBA International General Manager.

"The swell kicked up to almost 8-10 feet at Pipe this afternoon and will back off a touch by the morning. The free-surfing session this afternoon was nothing short of amazing and the stage is set for a massive day tomorrow."

Tomorrow will also see the history books re-written when one of the most exciting surfers in the world takes on the bodyboarders at his home break.

Jamie O'Brien has been waiting for this moment for a long time after years of watching the contest form his backyard and is eager to show the world that he has the place wired and is up to the challenge.

Jamie will join fellow Hawaiian Leroy Kaiwi in heat two of the fourth round and the eyes of the surfing world will be watching closely to see the outcome.

"Its one of those classic moments in sport when it's impossible not to be intrigued" said Terry McKenna from the IBA.

"Both surfers and Bodyboarders have been drawn into this story and will follow it to its conclusion. It's fuelled some interesting banter over the last few weeks since we made the announcement, surfing and Bodyboarding blog sites have been inundated with many different views on the subject. Tomorrow we will see the end result and I for one can't wait to watch".

The webcast will begin at 7.30am local time and Jamie's heat will be sometime after lunch.

The waiting period begins tomorrow and continues till Feb 27th with the best three days being used for competition.

Terry is available for interviews at +1 808 203 0491 or +61 4 0102 3661

The event is being webcast at
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KellyKelly Footit
22nd February 2009 21:24
Rudi - I've had a chat to the guys at the IBA and they will be recording the stream for the rest of the contest. Nice one bru!
rudiRudi Geyser
18th February 2009 00:49
hey kelly, is there any way you can record all the boys heats and post them on the site so that the people that cant watch them live can still see them?
scorpioKevin Morley
17th February 2009 15:47
Oh Yeah Let the games begin. Spoke to Adam today He pretty amped.

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