The Hot Buttered / Bad Boy Wavehouse SA Champs 2006

posted by Sascha Taljaard on 22nd April 2006

The scene was set. Perfect six foot barrels, light offshore winds and 22 of the top bodyboard-flow boarders in the country. They all met at most extreme playground in the world.

Riders came from all over South Africa to participate or watch this inaugural event at wave house Durban, Eddie Solomon from California U.S.A was the only international rider and was extremely excited to be part of this event.

The action started with the quarter final of the prone, lying down, pro division. The rides were each allocated 3 waves and a 45 second time limit on each wave. Each rider's top two waves counted and Top two riders made it through the heat to the semis and the rest were left to sit back and watch. First heat saw the local favourite Billy Tenant totally dominating, claimed the first heat busting massive rolls and super clean spins. Emile von Vollenhoven (Margate) a dark horse threw some incredible inverts and took the second place to get his place in the semi finals. Michael Ostler (KZN), Guy Accut (KZN) and Stefan Coetzee (Ballito) just didn't get the scores he needed to make it through. The second quarter final saw Paul Munro (Glenwood) absolutely obliterating the heat, doing some of the biggest inverts of the whole contest. Jonathan Oliff (Berea) seemed to be pacing himself and played it safe with some solid rolls and a good few inverts. Paul and Jonathan claimed their place in the semis. Unfortunately not making it was Angelo Ackerman (North Beach) Jake Rosenburg (Bluff) and Tim Singh. The third quarter final saw Hot Buttered/Bad Boy team rider and current South African bodyboarding tour leader, Wesley Fischer (South Beach) going for broke and throwing caution to the wind with some mind blowing invert aerials and super smooth all round riding, he went through to the semis along with an on form Cameron Nelson (Morningside) just not making the cut was Brett Jensen (Morningside) and our international rider and big wave extraordinaire, Eddie Solomon. The fourth quarter final saw a good performance by Brandon Herbst (KZN) and Stuart Meyers (Westville) who both did some incredible rolls to make it through to the semis, just not making it was Wesley Tucker (Ballito) who attempted the first ever hand stand on the wave while riding. Tem Niyasulu (KZN), Gareth Kaatze (KZN) and Greg Thomson (KZN).

Semi final time and things were heating up at a rapid pace, the first semi saw Billy, Jonathan, Wesley and Stuart all in the same heat, it was more like a final than a final and everyone was on the edge of their seat. Billy and Jonathan took it to the next level and pulled out all the stops, busting super heavy inverts, massive rolls and super clean spins, they took the heat. Wesley, "Style Master", went huge on most probably the biggest invert of the comp and just didn’t make it and unfortunately got knocked out along with Stuart Meyers who also showed solid form but just couldn’t keep up with Billy and Jonathan. The second semi saw Emile, Paul, Cameron and Brandon all matched up against each other. Paul went all out doing some huge inverts but just couldn’t get a second good run to back up his first unbelievable wave and bowed out along with Brandon who also couldn’t get a second good scoring ride. Emile and Cameron played the game safe and made it through to the finals.

The drop knee division semi final 1 saw Wesley Fischer, Billy Tenant and Brandon Herbst all going for a spot in the final - Billy and Wesley dominated the heat and forced Brandon out of the contest. The second semi final saw seasoned competitor and Bad Boy / Rossi bodyboards team rider, Sascha Taljaard (South Beach) go up against Angelo Ackerman, Greg Thompson and Guy Acutt. Angelo totally dominated the heat with his big backhand snaps and big round house cutbacks, Sascha rode alright and was fortunate to land an aerial to make it through.

Final time! Everyone was wondering what more they could possibly see and the competitors were amping. So the game was on, Billy Tenant, Jonathan Oliff, Emile van Vollennoven and Cameron Nelson were super psyched up an ready. Billy started off with a solid run and set the pace, he did some really good rolls and very smooth spins, up next was Jonathan who wasn’t trying to make new friends, just went ballistic, He just seemed to have abandoned all thoughts of safety and just busted away, Emile and Cameron rode really well but it seemed that Billy and Jonathan were in a league of their own. Billy and Jonathan fought it out till the end and Jonathan just managed to beat Billy, it was super close and I take my hat off to both of them. Good game guys.

The drop knee final was totally dominated by Wesley Fischer. He carved up the wave like a sharp knife cutting through warm butter, he took it to the new level. Billy was up there with him but just couldn’t keep up the pace. Angelo and Sascha threw some nice turns but just couldn’t keep up with Wesley and Billy.



1st Jonathan Oliff
2nd Billy tenant
3rd Emille van Vollenhoven
4th Cameron Nelson
5th Paul Munro
5th Wesley Fischer
7th Brandon Herbst
7th Stuart Meyer

Drop Knee

1st Wesley Fischer
2nd Billy Tennant
3rd Angelo Ackerman
4th Sascha Taljaard
5th Brandon Herbst
5th Guy Acutt
7th Greg Thomson

This was one of the best events run here at the Wavehouse and I am sure with the positive feedback that there had already been that there will be more events like this coming up.

I’d like to thank Bad Boy and Hot Buttered for their incredible support and also to Wesley Fischer and Ryan Watkins for organizing this event.

See you all soon at the next event!

Support those who support you!
Peace and God Bless.



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