Wave House SA Champs on for Tomorrow

posted by Wesley Fischer on 21st April 2006

Tomorrow is the start of the Wave House SA Champs. The favourites for the event are Billy Tenant in the pro and Sascha Taljaard in the DK. These two guys have been training super hard, putting there bodies on the line to be crowned South African Wave House champion.

Other favourites for the event are Paul Munro, a local at the wavehouse, not afraid of doing all it takes to win and upset the favourites. In the DK we have Angelo Ackerman and Ryan Bakeway, two wavehouse employees, who have been ripping it up on the jack stance.

The total value of prizes put in by Bad Boy and Hot Buttered amount to R15000. This is definitely the biggest flowboarding event to ever happen in South Africa. We are expecting tons of photog’s, videographers and celebrities!!!! So if you in Durban, pull in to see the best bodyboarding in the world done on the D-Rex.

Contest starts at 12:00 and will run till 15:00. Practice for the competitors starts at 09:00.



Hot Buttered & Bad Boy Wave House SA Champs

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