Wave House SA Champs

posted by Jared Schafer on 7th April 2006

BadBoy, Hot Buttered and Wave House are pleased to announce the first ever "Wave House SA Champs"!

This inaugural event offers the winner the glory of being announced 'South African Wavehouse Bodyboarding Champion'. A new, and highly coveted title for a sport which is growing in leaps and bounds both locally and abroad. Competitors will be pushing themselves and each other to their limits and beyond. It's going be an explosive day as various overseas celebrity riders such as Eddie Solomon, Spencer Skipper and Ross McBride all join in to make this a truly unique and exciting event. So whether you're entering the competition or just spectating from the sidelines, there is no doubt that the intensity of this contest will leave you speechless, breathless ... yet still gasping for more!

Competition Details:

Venue: Wave House, Gateway Shopping Centre.
Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Date: 22 April **but if Cave Rock Gladiator Pit is on for that day then Wavehouse contest will be moved to 23rd**
Entry Details: Entry forms available at Wavehouse front desk.
Entries on the day will be accepted, but must be handed in before 11:00am that day.
Entrance fee is R50 per division.
Divisions: There will be a Pro and Dropknee division.
Prizes: Top 4 riders in each division will receive VIP status at the Wavehouse.This entails free riding on the D-Rex anytime you wish. This prize alone is worth thousands of Rands. There will also be boards by Hot Buttered to be won and clothing hampers by BadBoy.



SmTSean Tickner
7th April 2006 23:15
It's not our fault they built it in Durban! It's like saying it's unfair for riders when there's a contest at their home-break!
Who cares if you're good or not, it's all about the support and how much fun you have.
Most of S.A's Top riders will be up in Durbs anyway for the Cave Rock contest and The Margate contest!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
7th April 2006 14:15
so i guess thats a durban exclusive contest, no point anyone else entering as we dont know how to ride that thing, kinda like americans calling their baseball a world seris, when infact only american states compete.... but i guess to americans they are the whole world anyways, everything else outside of america needs to be bombed. nice idea though, the wavehouse contest hope it pulls off.

Hot Buttered & Bad Boy Wave House SA Champs

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