How Big is Big? That is the question


posted by Pierre Marqua on 30th June 2004

Hi all

Early predictions are running for the Bayview Big Wave 2004 to happen on Saturday. Steve Pike from Wavescape has looked into his crystal ball and foreseen a mammoth swell, the likes that hasn't been seen off South African waters for several years now.

With the arrival of a cold front on Friday, the ocean will wake up once again and unleash her fury on the Southern Cape coastline. Saturday starts off in the 8ft region, but here is the scary part, in the spate of two hours the ocean is predicted to rise from the 8ft mark to the 25 foot mark. By afternoon 30ft to 35 ft sets are very possible.

Now the question is, how big can Bayview handle. This is going to be SERIOUS!! Watch this space to find out.

May the force be with you all




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