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posted by Riaan du Preez on 6th June 2004

The Big Wave contest was started out of the need to be different and more extreme.

The first event was held at Koegelbay in 2001, just a few kilometres outside Gordon’s Bay, to see how the boys will run from the challenge or embrace the feeling. The feeling of being hurtled down the face of an eight-foot, bone-crushing monster breaking in less than two meters of water. The men stayed, the boys – well they stayed in bed. This event was then dubbed the Big Air, not because of the size of the waves, but the amount of time the riders spent in the air doing outrageous manoeuvres.

Out of this a 20kg trophy was born, hand sculpted and donated by one of the riders, Michel Brink. To prove his commitment to the sport of bodyboarding and especially to the more extreme side of the sport we hold so dear. This trophy is also proof to the riders that the time that they have put into training over the years, to make it in waves that are able to snap a ship in half or turn it over in a blink of an eye, has got the deserved recognition where memories on a photograph had to do in the past.

Some of the sponsors are Surfwear House, Pionier Furniture, See & Sand and Explore South Africa magazine, Reef, and lots more. The first place prize is at about R2000 at the moment and might be getting bigger, don't worry there are prizes for the other riders too.

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