Thiel Board Co goes large with free boards for the CKZN Team

posted by Stuart Bradford on 6th August 2012

Preparations for the Annual South African Bodyboarding Championships 2012 have commenced with a bang. On Sunday the 29th of July at the Central Kwa-Zulu Natal Bodyboarding Teams first training session team members were greeted on the beach with brand new Thiel Boards. The boards were chosen specifically for each rider in the effort to push each individuals potential to its peak levels by the time of the National Championships event in the Margate area in October this year.
To achieve the best result riders need to be on the best equipment in our industry and we feel that this gear is going to get the guys the results they deserve.

Its so refreshing to see a company get involved with bodyboarding to this scale. I for one have never seen provincial team riders receiving boards just for qualifying. On top of that Thiel Board Co has promised all unsponsored riders who win their divisions a board deal for 2013. Its awesome to see a South African brand getting behind riders and putting back into the sport like this. I can't wait to see what else he has planned for our sport in the future both locally and internationally.

Big Props to Billy Thiel from Thiel Board Co and Just bodyboarding for the mad support so far this year.



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