The Nomad Shark Island Challenge

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Dates:7th July - 9th August 2009
Venue:Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia Shark Island
Organisation:IBA Australasia
Classification:National Circuit

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KellyKelly Footit
1st August 2009 15:03
Received the following update this morning:

Good things come to those who wait....- "The Beast Is Back". Shark Island is PUMPING..The second round will be run today. Heats will be reversed 4,3,2,1. First heat will hopefully be in the water between 12 - 1pm..

Check out for the live feed..

Presentation will be at 2230 Bar, Cronulla tonight from 7pm - Who will be The 2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge Champion?

Stay tuned...
SmTSean Tickner
20th July 2009 14:27
Here's an update , apparently the contest window is running out and the swell obviously hasn't materialised, so it's on hold till Friday when a decision will be made.
SmTSean Tickner
13th July 2009 22:14
Check out some info on round 1, which ran today.
ElementreeGareth White
12th July 2009 02:02
Challenge on hold until Monday 13 July. Swell still on it's way. Currently 2 to 4 foot.
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