Riders vote unanimously to extend the waiting period for the 2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge

posted by Mark Fordham on 26th July 2009

After long talks with riders and officials; it has been decided to extend the waiting period for the 2009 Nomad Shark Island challenge for an additional 2 weeks to accommodate the end of the second tidal window and inturn to introduce of a third. The waiting period will now carry on till the 9th of August, a total of 34 days, the third longest waiting period in the event history.

"It has been a shocking period for swell" explains Contest Director Mark Fordham. "There has been plenty of activity down South though the swells seem to keep tracking in an S/SW direction which is unfavourable for Shark Island itself.

The 180hr+ swell models are showing signs of a new pulse which is predicted to hit the Tasman Sea region towards the end of the week so we will see how that system develops.

If that swell produces the goods it will miss the end of the second tidal window and roll into the lay-day period with an afternoon start being our only option. (Refer to chart below). Remember, we only need a minimum of 2hrs to complete this event so anything is possible.

If that predicted swell fails to meet expectations then we will roll into our third tidal window with our first available high tide not coming into affect until 4th of August. Therefore, as of the 4th we will have six days to finish the event. The riders seem positive that something will come out of it, all we need now is for Huey to come to the party...."

Shark Island local Alex Leon has been following the swell action all period and is adamant that something special is on the way. "It's great that the riders have voted in favour of extending the waiting period for this prestigious event. Extending the waiting period for a couple days isn't much good. We need to extend it for a week or two. There is a lot of swell in the Bight (Great Australian Bight) and all we need is just one of these low pressure systems to swing up a little past Tassie and it's on."

All eyes will be on the charts pending the movement of the Southern Ocean. Stay tuned ...

Tides for the coming weeks

Second Tidal Window
2009-07-27 12:20 PM EST 1.43 meters High Tide - Monday
2009-07-28 1:12 PM EST 1.41 meters High Tide - Tuesday
2009-07-29 2:10 PM EST 1.40 meters High Tide - Wednesday
2009-07-30 3:12 PM EST 1.41 meters High Tide - Thursday
2009-07-31 4:15 PM EST 1.45 meters High Tide - Friday
2009-08-01 5:10 PM EST 1.50 meters High Tide - Saturday

Lay-day Period
2009-08-02 5:58 PM EST 1.56 meters High Tide - Sunday
2009-08-03 6:39 PM EST 1.61 meters High Tide - Monday

Third Tidal Window
2009-08-04 7:17 AM EST 1.15 meters High Tide - Tuesday
2009-08-05 7:54 AM EST 1.22 meters High Tide - Wednesday
2009-08-06 8:30 AM EST 1.28 meters High Tide - Thursday
2009-08-07 9:05 AM EST 1.32 meters High Tide - Friday
2009-08-08 9:40 AM EST 1.35 meters High Tide - Saturday
2009-08-09 10:15 AM EST 1.36 meters High Tide - Sunday

A reminder that points for this unique event will not be released until the start of Round Two.

When Round Two finally gets underway riders will then be given their overall scores so they can work out where they stand and what they need to do to ensure that they take home the $10,000 winner takes all prize purse.


First Prize - $10,000 winner takes all
Best Barrel - 2 weeks stay at The Secret Sumatra - Surf Camp
Best Move - 2 week boat trip courtesy of The Surf Travel Company
Best Wipe Out - $500 - if you want it, it's all yours
Longest tube time - Buzzing over Sydney in the world renowned Red Bull Stunt Plane

An update will be release towards the middle of the week.


1. Nomad Bodyboards
2. Emerald Surf City
3. Riptide Bodyboard Magazine
4. Secret Sumatra
5. Surf Travel
6. Human
7. Limited Edition Fins
8. Red Bull Australia
9. Dunes Wetsuits

Event info please email - sharkislandchallenge@iinet.net.au

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Live event cam feed @ www.limited-edition.net.au
Twitter alerts @ http://twitter.com/ltd_edition

The 2009 NOMAD Shark Island Challenge 2009
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