- Ep.1 Chasing Dreams - London Premiere


Dates:7th November 2008
Classification:Other - Ep.1 Chasing Dreams - London Premiere News


Aadam GrantAadam Grant
6th November 2008 16:25
Nice one brother Colin, hope all goes well... Goodtimes
JmoJames Moolenschot
6th November 2008 16:06
Yeah! I'll be there to check out the madness. Super amped.
KellyKelly Footit
6th November 2008 03:24
If there are any elusive spongers in London, it will be good to see you there on Friday night. I keep thinking we should do more of these 'Boogie' nights. Anyway - I'll be there - come give me a shout and say hello ... will be good to put some names to faces.

See you there & bring some extra cash to purchase a DVD and/or merchandise so that we can see more of the DSD series in future. - Ep.1 Chasing Dreams - London Premiere poster

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