Arica Chilean Challenge


Dates:1st - 10th August 2008
Venue:Arica, Chile El Gringo
Organisation:International Bodyboarding Association
Classification:Mens World Tour

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KellyKelly Footit
12th August 2008 23:52
Ja, watched the final and personally thought that both waves got what they deserved. This contest is about big barrels and big moves and I imagine that the judges reward riders on that criteria - similar to what we do at the Cave Rock contest. My point really is that Hubb's invert was not critical and compared to the form he was in, in 2005 and 2006, where he was busting huge then I think 6.27 is quite fair because both these riders have the ability to bust big in big surf and the judges need to allow room for either of them to pull a 10 point ride out of the bag.

I have uploaded a video of the finals:

Hubb's 6.27 is at 1 min 35 seconds - unfortunately a bit of poor filming means he goes off screen on the invert.
Tamega's 6.5 is at 1 min 58 seconds.

I think if you compare to Tamega's 9.5 at 55 seconds then they all fit in to the 10 point range quite fairly.

In 2006 Hubb beat Tamega in the final but this year Tamega owned it. Not that we're discussing who the winner should be, just that was my impression after watching the final and on paper if you took away Tamega's top 2 scoring rides he still came out a clear winner.
sy83Simon Beesley
9th August 2008 17:08
how many damn birds do they have in that country?
KellyKelly Footit
9th August 2008 15:04
Finals are running today - Pierre-Louis Costes & Yeray Martinez are in the water now- 15:00 SAST. It's big and it firing - visit the contest webpage for the webcast.
ElementreeGareth White
7th August 2008 14:28
Mens Round 3 Heat 1 in the water now...

Airam Cabrera is leading 2nd is Uri Valadao with just over a minute remaining.

Mark is up next against Jeff Hubbard, Richard Dias & Eduardo Capinello.

Good luck dude!
ElementreeGareth White
3rd August 2008 19:55
Darren Halse made it through to Round 3 of the Arica Chilean Challenge 2008, where he will face off against The Legend - Mike Stewart, Dave Winchester and Hugo Pinheiro.

Good luck bud!
KellyKelly Footit
2nd August 2008 16:40
Jake Rosenberg is in the water now 16:40 SAST.
SmTSean Tickner
1st August 2008 20:47
Contest starts today, not sure if they running it but they've got the heats up.
Darren Halse is heat 4 and Jake Rosenberg is heat 5, both Round 1!
Good Luck Guys!
KellyKelly Footit
29th July 2008 01:39
Darren Halse has been scoring a few bombs ahead of the contest but unfortunately Mark McCarthy has been missing out on the pre-contest practice sessions while he has been missioning for flights out to Chile. Mark flies tomorrow and arrives the day before the comp - apparantly the forecast is looking good and the guy is amped.

Good luck to both Darren & Mark! We'll try keep you guys updated as much as we can.
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