Bodyboarding Videos Sacha Specker

  • The Sniper SA Tand Invitational 2016 highlights

    14th July 2016
    Relive the action from Sunday, 10th July as South Africa's best take on Tand, a slabbing west coast beast.
  • Loflo Outtakes: Jared Houston & Sacha Specker

    10th February 2015
    Jared Houston and Sacha Specker getting the job done right. These are some outtakes from the full movie, LoFlo, courtesy of Neels Smit and Greg Frasier.
  • Nam 2

    27th March 2014
    Mark McCarthy, Sacha Specker and Jared Houston take on the legendary desert barrels of Skeleton Bay.
  • GoPro Spex 2014 - 101

    24th February 2014
    My first episode of a series of clips to feature footage using only my GoPro 3+ and a cool board mount.
  • Loflo

    3rd February 2014
    The epic 27 minute collaboration from Neels Smit and Greg Fraser.
  • Chasing Stoke

    18th November 2013
    Dave McMaster's entry for the 2013 Wavescape Short Cuts film festival.
  • Southern Tales Part 2 - Cape Cruising

    17th February 2013
    One week of cruising the Cape breaks with Jared Houston, Sacha Specker, Greg Vorster and the Cape Town crew.
  • Spex @ Waimea Shorebreak 2013

    24th January 2013
    A short video of Sacha Specker taking on Waimea Bay's infamous shorebreak.
  • How to DK Snap with Sacha Specker

    12th November 2012
    Manny Vargas caught up with Sacha Specker to get the low down on how to do a proper DK snap. The 2012 DK World Champ does so with all the details needed to get you snapping away!
  • Spex in Mex 2012

    16th October 2012
    A short clip of Sach Specker bagging a few at Puerto Escondido's infamous Zicatela in between work hours.

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