Bodyboarding Videos Pro-Files

  • Matt Lackey - The Philippines

    18th June 2016
    The Philippines Cloud 9 has been a happy hunting ground for Matt Lackey for many years. Lackey revisits one of his favourite playgrounds with filmmaker Michael Jennings in this new clip presented by Nomad Bodyboards.
  • Matt Lackey - Straddie

    18th June 2016
    A tight little DK clip of Lackey at Straddie.
  • Lewy Finnegan's Glewten Free

    12th June 2016
    A filming collaboration between Tom Jennings and James Strickland, featuring Lewy Finnegan enjoying the many fruits that Western Australia has to offer.
  • Andre Botha : Skeleton Bay : Interstellar

    12th May 2016
    Skeleton Bay is not of this planet. Filmed by Andre Botha and Trish Waters during the swell of 23-24 April 2016.
  • Mafoos Lombard 2015

    30th November 2015
    Our current (and very deserving) SA Champ for 2015, Mafoos Lombard, and an amazing multi angled clip edited by the very talented Mark Reitz.
  • Andre Botha: Skeleton Bay Desert Fury

    12th June 2015
    Andre Botha drops another incredible clip courtesy of Trish Waters.
  • Chris James - 12 Months In The Salt

    11th June 2015
    12 months with Griz in the salt. Edited by Matt Lackey.
  • Stephen Du Preez in Hawaii

    3rd June 2015
    One of our favourite clips just out, Stephen Du Preez took his first pilgrimage to Hawaii and came back with an amazing collection of footage from all the famous spots. All packaged in a slick edited from Michael Veltman.
  • Andre Botha: The contrast of Dirtbin

    23rd May 2015
    If you were interested in how the early winter was going in Durban (i.e. pumping) then look no further than this clip of Andre Botha shredding courtesy of Trish Waters.
  • Hankus Loubser - 4 days in Canary Islands

    5th May 2015
    Hankus Loubser was recently in the Canary Islands and by all accounts was ripping! Just see for yourself.

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