Bodyboarding Videos Sessions

  • Matt Lackey - Straddie

    18th June 2016
    A tight little DK clip of Lackey at Straddie.
  • Frontón Drone View: May 2016

    1st June 2016
    Drone footage of El Frontón and some crystal clear waters give a unique view of the beast.
  • Andre Botha : Skeleton Bay : Interstellar

    12th May 2016
    Skeleton Bay is not of this planet. Filmed by Andre Botha and Trish Waters during the swell of 23-24 April 2016.
  • Terence Pieters @ Tand May 2015

    21st May 2015
    Terence Pieters and a clip at the infamous dentist. Filmed and edited by Simon Heale.
  • One day at Wedge - Cyclone Pam delivers

    1st April 2015
    Cyclone Pam delivered some playful monsters to Newport's infamous Wedge on March 29th, 2015.
  • Loflo Outtakes: Jared Houston & Sacha Specker

    10th February 2015
    Jared Houston and Sacha Specker getting the job done right. These are some outtakes from the full movie, LoFlo, courtesy of Neels Smit and Greg Frasier.
  • Tropic Thunder

    26th December 2014
    Thunder is common in the tropics although not always the oceanic kind. Christmas came early for Jared Houston this year, and here is the proof neatly wrapped for your enjoyment.
  • Andre Botha - KZN Tube Time

    29th June 2014
    Some more winter goodness from the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast in South Africa.
  • Ben Player at Black Rock

    25th June 2014
    This clip of 3 x world champion Ben Player was filmed one Autumn morning in under an hour...
  • One day at the Rock

    24th June 2014
    With some of the countries top pro's calling this session the best of their lives we screamed for proof. Luckily Michael Veltman was their to document in moving pictures. Incredible waves in this clip.

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