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Kennaway Ledge

Kennaway LedgeKennaway LedgeKennaway LedgeKennaway LedgeKennaway Ledge


Town:East London
Country:ZA   South Africa
Classification:Reef Break
Predominant Wave:Right Handers
Favourable Winds:N, NW, W, SW
Swell Range:2-5 ft



kennawayledgeCharles Faye
14th June 2007 13:34
this wave is like my passion.... no words to describe how it makes me feel..
30th May 2007 11:17
i cant believe that there arent any better shots of kenneways. this is by far the best wave ive ever ridden- what a rush!!!!!!!
MolosRichard Mattisson
19th December 2006 20:01
i just wanna say that Charles absolutely rips ledge appart!! Such a style bra!! KEEP IT UP!! and who's king kid or summing? says he's local
MolosRichard Mattisson
13th December 2006 18:25
Check the gallery out!!!
kennawayledgeCharles Faye
25th August 2006 10:18
mark bartosch is also a local at this place an he is my hero.
MolosRichard Mattisson
17th July 2006 21:13
If you see more than 3 or 4 people out, rather be polite and don't paddle out coz you wil get tuned and dropped in on.
MolosRichard Mattisson
6th May 2006 17:16
A lank fun, barrelling wave with a sic section to bust

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