Nicholas Mantzivis


Riding Since:2005 (16 Years)
Hometown:ZA East London, Border, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA Fat Bastard, ZA Kennaway Ledge, ZA Eastern Beach, ZA Playgrounds, ZA Gashers
Riding Style:90% Prone, 10% Dropknee (Stance: Natural)
Boards:BZ - Triple Platinum, Custom X - Impi
About me:Love E.L amazing spots we have, just lank missions to get lifts at times.locals are cool glad i live here!

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Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:ZA Fat Bastard
Favourite Bodyboarders:AU Dave Winchester, AU Nick Ormerod
Favourite Videos:Cheap Thrills (2005), No Friends 9 - Road To Ruin (2006)
Favourite Bands:16 Stitch, Blindside, Chimaira, Infected Mushroom, The Cure, Tiesto, Underoath
Other Interests:Skateboarding


>Nicholas<.MantziviNicholas Mantzivis
18th September 2007 11:22
ey bru its not to bad we got playgrounds cooking the other day big barrels.hahaha
snoopy101Paul Rheeders
10th September 2007 11:12
Hwz the surf there dude the sea suckz here at nort beach small waves coming throw
Nicholas Mantzivis

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