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Juan Castilla


Riding Since:1990 (26 Years)
Hometown:CL Algarrobo, Chile
Current Location:ZA Cape Town, South Africa
Local Surfspots:Chile El Mejoral,
Riding Style:60% Prone, 39% Dropknee (Goofy), 1% Standup (Goofy)
Sponsors:Thermoskin Wetsuits, Sponge Clothing USA, Surfers Paradise
Boards:Elemenohpee - Skippy, Industry - Carmona
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Juan CastillaJuan CastillaJuan CastillaJuan Castilla

Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:Arica, Chile El Gringo, Chile El Mejoral, Chile Intendencia,
Favourite Bodyboarders:Australia Ryan Hardy, Hawaii Jeff Hubbard, Australia Sean Virtue, United States Paul Roach,
Favourite videos:propaganda, Ryan Hardy, Superstars 2
Favourite Bands:A F I, Face to Face, Millencolin
Other Interests:Freedom, Running, Traveling


Visited Countries
CL ChileCI Cote D'IvoireEC Ecuador
FR France HawaiiIT Italy
MX MexicoPG Papua New GuineaPH Philippines
ZA South AfricaUS United States 

Latest Contest Results

  Position   Contest   Division  
41 Provincial Trials 2004 Dropknee
47 Provincial Trials 2004 Pro
13 Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am 2004 Dropknee
25 Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am 2004 Pro
9 BZ Cape Classic 2004 Dropknee
5 BZ Cape Classic 2004 Pro


duncancampbellDuncan Campbell
9th March 2009 23:30
me and my mate hung out with good old juancho for 3 weeks in october 08 in iquique chile- he is living the dream and ripping it up!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
20th December 2007 12:36
farcho, came, saw, scored and vanished... bleery farcho.

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