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Oscar Miller


Username:Oscar Miller
Riding Since:2005 (11 Years)
Hometown:ZA East London, Border, South Africa
Current Location:ZA East London, South Africa
Local Surfspots:East London, Border, South Africa Bonzas, East London, Border, South Africa Eastern Beach, Out of east london, Border, South Africa Yellows Point,
Riding Style:70% Prone, 30% Dropknee (Goofy),
Boards:Custom X - Impi, Elemenohpee - McFly 41", Hot Buttered - Brad Hughes
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Oscar MillerOscar MillerOscar MillerOscar Miller

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Favourite Surfspots:Western Province, South Africa Kalk Bay, Kalk Bay, Western Province, South Africa Off The Wall,
Favourite Bodyboarders:East London, Border, South Africa Morgan Heidtmann, United States Paul Roach, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Sacha Specker,
Favourite videos:No Friends (All of them), The joker


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