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Damian Wood


Riding Since:2007 (9 Years)
Hometown:ZA Fish Hoek, Western Province, South Africa
Current Location:ZA Fish Hoek, South Africa
Riding Style:70% Prone, 30% Dropknee (Natural),
Boards:NMD - Player
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Damian WoodDamian WoodDamian WoodDamian WoodDamian Wood
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Damian WoodDamian WoodDamian WoodDamian Wood

Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:Western Province, South Africa Kalk Bay, Simons Town, Western Province, South Africa Poes, Kalk Bay, Western Province, South Africa Off The Wall, Boland, South Africa Chicken 'n Cheese,
Favourite Bodyboarders:Australia Damian King, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Ben Player,
Favourite videos:No Friends - Multiple Choice, Roam, The joker
Favourite Bands:A F I, Jack Johnson, Killswitch Engage, Rise Against, Story of the year, Under Oath


Visited Countries
PK Pakistan  

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9 Wedge Classic 2008 Boys


Ross NortierRoss Nortier
20th June 2008 14:24
joking damian getting good keep on going bro!
Ross NortierRoss Nortier
20th June 2008 14:23
this guy is hardcore!

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