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Nicholas Wiborg


Username:nicholas wiborg2469
Riding Since:2004 (12 Years)
Hometown:ZA Brooklyn, Western Province, South Africa
Current Location:ZA Cape Town, South Africa
Local Surfspots:Camps Bay, Western Province, South Africa Glen Beach, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Llandudno, Boland, South Africa Koeel Bay (Caves),
Riding Style:9% Prone, 90% Dropknee (Goofy), 1% Standup (Goofy)
Boards:Custom X - IZM 41.5"
About me:best timess of my life have been in da water made so many friends its an apsolute jol from begining 2 end love glen a good ride heavy 4me koolbia and im scared shitless of exposers at night love chilling wit da ladies and partying wit my mates big-ups
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Nicholas WiborgNicholas WiborgNicholas WiborgNicholas WiborgNicholas Wiborg
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Nicholas Wiborg

Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:, Mexico Puerto Escondido,
Favourite Bodyboarders:Australia Matthew Lackey, United States Paul Roach, Australia Dave Winchester, Brazil Guilherme Tamega, Durban, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Brandon Foster, Hawaii Jeff Hubbard,
Favourite videos:Cheap Thrills, No Friends 8 - The Roadhouse, no friends9-road to ruin, Tension8 Crouching tension Hidden Camera, Tension9
Favourite Bands:appleseed cast-two conversations, Coldplay, Interpol, pharrell williams, Postal Service
Other Interests:Hacky-sak, Photography, Rugby, Soccer


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CA CanadaGE GeorgiaUS United States


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