Puerto Escondido

by Kelly on Sunday, 14 May 2006
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Puerto Escondido

Sunset at Puerto

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lyleLyle Schentke
14th February 2011 16:01
Michael MynhardtMichael Mynhardt
10th July 2008 14:54
Wow thats so cool! The colers are awesome!
MichelleDanielsMichelle Daniels
7th January 2008 07:07
Ahhh that's a gorgeous reflection of the sunrise??? If it's Puerto Escondido?? Interesting how the colors are so strong on the water, for a sunrise in that part of the world. Exquisite :)
27th February 2007 22:32
Fanta orange...
10th October 2006 14:45
that just perfect you dont get better than that
MatthewMatthew Botha
25th August 2006 23:44
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
14th May 2006 22:05
dammit those colours....
DaneDane Stirrat
14th May 2006 15:47
That colour is F*&%#^$ unbelievable!! Keep those pics coming!! peace
byron777Byron Versfeld
14th May 2006 14:47
wow,thats the most beautiful image ive ever seen



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