Nathan Wood

posted by hugh grant on Friday, 31 March 2006

Nathan Wood

this man is a legend..



hugh grantNathan Wood
9th September 2009 15:48
Still Got it!
EriksenBrett Eriksen
8th June 2008 23:37
leave buffs alone......
EriksenBrett Eriksen
8th June 2008 23:28
hey bra,it is for bb pics,but what is this shit???
RashieqRashieq Smith
8th October 2007 11:46
most likely no tv either...
7th October 2007 19:14
Probably no waves!!
7th October 2007 19:12
What the?
25th July 2007 20:11
freestilyrRyan De Lange
25th July 2007 15:14
does'nt look like he's reached puberty yet let alone have the makings of a legend..
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
24th July 2007 18:55
derek zoolander would be proud
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
23rd July 2007 08:31
hugh grantNathan Wood
4th July 2007 12:09
Sorry man, that previous comment of mine was vile!!
hugh grantNathan Wood
20th June 2007 14:54
Hahaha, Actually its your moms, the fur is actually her pubic hair, sorry, I should return it, but yeah, I don't like you guys so much, so I wont!!! Hahahaha, your comments mean as much to me as your sister sucking on your dads sweat ball sack!!
19th June 2007 19:35
[Comment pulled by admin. Reason: repeated contravention of terms of posting. Please read before posting.]
hugh grantNathan Wood
23rd May 2007 14:40
Dude!! Grow up...
Damn valliesJonothen Erikson
22nd May 2007 21:32
What a kiff jacket bra!! not...
wesley billettWesley Billett
17th October 2006 17:31
bodyboardin pics??????
hugh grantNathan Wood
24th August 2006 20:58
Im giving the sedgefield gangstar sulute!! BOET!!! hah, nooit, chicks dig this buff stuff brah, check those sexy pecs!!
18th August 2006 17:31
.......What are you doing boet?........
hugh grantNathan Wood
19th July 2006 21:38
only if ya got jaself a phat gat, a byatch and a coupla homies to bust caps in ass's!! Byatch
Jaco LoubserJaco Loubser
13th July 2006 14:46
can i roll with you gangsta's ???
fatmeatheadJack Silver
23rd June 2006 19:01
Hey chop, Modelling sucks!! Nice shades though!!
hugh grantNathan Wood
8th June 2006 17:14
What u talking about bru, thats buff!!!
MatthewMatthew Botha
7th June 2006 22:50
pigeon chest! hahaha...
hugh grantNathan Wood
19th May 2006 14:52
aweh jono.. cant make party 2nite, working... out of action for 3weeks.. yeah, fighting sucks bru.. anyway i know where those guys live, ill speak to you in person though.. aweh gayboy...
Damn valliesJonothen Erikson
18th May 2006 13:48
ahoy.. shit 1 about your hand bru, how long are you out of action for?? mark caught those guys but the ganged up on him, hit him with a brick and ran away.. you havnt had the greatest of luck lately hey!!! surfed buff's sick this morning, exams suck.. r u still with megan??? oh ja.. jenny's having her 18th on friday and said u must come, bring booze.. chow!!! -JONO-
Adam MorleyAdam Morley
10th April 2006 22:48
HA HA! Thats the party jacket!!!
Michael MeyerMichael Meyer
10th April 2006 10:46
You ARE crazy!!
Robert GrayRobert Gray
9th April 2006 13:02
This is pollution of a shizzle website.
Damn valliesJonothen Erikson
7th April 2006 10:26
haha, u bloody idiot.. who's crazy enough to tune people and then put their face all over the internet.. im sorry o's, but i got to give this dude a 10 just for balls.. repect
6th April 2006 14:29

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