Pierre-Louis Costes, back flip at Chilca Point

posted by Kelly on Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pierre-Louis Costes, back flip at Chilca Point

This is Pierre Louis Costes' winning 10 point backflip in Peru where he beat Amaury Laverhne in the final.



Rowan CRowan Campbell
15th October 2010 22:48
DUDE!!!! That is one sick flip. Wish I could do that......
BillybusterBilly Tennant
2nd June 2010 13:07
Sickest backflip ever!! The video footage doesn't even give it justice! It must have been so sick to have been there LIVE!! The atmosphere must have been incredible! Congrats PLC
lyleLyle Schentke
2nd June 2010 09:01
insane flip!
KellyKelly Footit
1st June 2010 10:16
That flip is HUGE!!! Check out the video footage of it here: www.sixty40.co.za/video-150-peruvian-inka-challenge-2010-final-day

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Rider:France Pierre-Louis Costes photos
Surfspot:Peru Chilca Point photos
Manoeuvre:Back flip
Photo Date:Sunday, 30 May 2010


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