Waimea Shorebreak
Colin van Dongen photo

posted by ColinvanDongen on Friday, 18 January 2008

Waimea Shorebreak

Water Session - Waimea Shorebreak



ColinvanDongenColin van Dongen
22nd January 2008 16:56
At Waimea the massive outsets bring in the swell from the top right hand corner bringing in the swell. Sets come in towards the shorebreak. So the rip moves in a clockwise motion called the loop. If you get sucked out you have to do the loop swim for the outside then work your way in.
ColinvanDongenColin van Dongen
22nd January 2008 16:53
heyheyhey.. Yeah wouldve been in massive kak if Charles and Josh didnt help me out. Rip was crazy this day. When its that big and youve got that much water moving.

its a portrait shot yeah. Wanted to get more of the barrel so yeah angled the camera 90 degrees and stuck it in as much as possible. I nearly did get sucked over on this one. Wouldve been really hectic. So much water moving. There was a massive set just behind this one.

Would love to shoot there again and get helped out by a jetski crew. keep on putting you back in the right spot. Would be epic.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
22nd January 2008 09:31
please explain "the loop" for us uneducated howlies that have never spent a winter on the rock
SmTSean Tickner
22nd January 2008 07:51
Yup Jmo, Colin was getting sucked over and had the camera sideways, this was a pretty fun day but he still managed to get stuck in the rip and go through "The Loop", mission paddle even with a board!!!
JmoJames Moolenschot
21st January 2008 12:56
I've been wondering how this ended up being a portrait layout when its a frame grab... is the image cropped or did Colin film it sideways?
Maybe he was going over the falls ;)
Spy DudePierre Marqua
21st January 2008 10:58
respect for swimming the shorey with a camera bru! never seen it from that angle before.

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