Don't Stop Dreaming


posted by Colin van Dongen on 16th January 2008

A Bodyboarding Documentary by Colin van Dongen

Release Date 2008/2009

This is the latest visual HD production featuring Water and Land angles which is aiming towards a potential release on Broadcast Channels around Europe and South Africa.

A Travel Surf Documentary featuring a group of Bodyboarders pursuing their dreams of riding perfect waves around the world. The Story of the Journey, the Dream and the Desire which draws us into the oceans of the world and why we choose to Bodyboard. Capturing the beauty of the ocean and the earth and the urgency to fight for its preservation.

  • Focusing on some South Africa's Top Riders and Legends such as Derek Footit, Sacha Specker, Sasha Taljaard and Alistair Taylor.
  • Ivan Friedmans life - The celebration of Life lived and his travels with Mark Clark around the world.
  • Extensive Travel sections through Indonesia, Western Sumoa, Mexico, Canary Islands, Portugal and Hawaii.

HD Frame Grabs are also available on the following groups on Facebook:

  • Don't Stop Dreaming
  • Sixty40 Bodyboarding

Production Website: [PROBETV]

Director Producer:
Colin van Dongen

UK: +44 7962 579928
SA: +27 82 3349 806

Colin van Dongen, Joao Traveira, Mark Clark, Ivan Friedman, Martin Otto, David Lee, Joshua Kleeve

Music Soundtrack:
Cerven Cotter

Broadcasted on:

  • SuperSport 1&2 : South Africa
  • The Extreme Channel : Europe



Muggy WhitelawMarc Whitelaw
31st January 2008 21:38
this looks so sick!
i would do anything to get a set up like yours, i guess with some time it will come.
wouldn't mind gettina a film camera like a 35mm in the water!
that would be amazing.
good luck colin cant wait to see the end product.
MichelleDanielsMichelle Daniels
18th January 2008 21:31
Super--Looking forward to seeing the finished product! :)
ColinvanDongenColin van Dongen
18th January 2008 07:21
hey ous thanks for the comments. Glad you are amped. Going to be working on the edit this year.
Yeah those images actually had to be resized for the website.
The original frames grabs sit at around 1920x1080 pixels.
The frame grabs on this site are 640x360
So the originals are over double the quality. HD is amazing..
72 dpi resolution

Hope you guys are good and scoring waves somewhere.
KellyKelly Footit
17th January 2008 22:23
Marthinus - yes, they are frame grabs. Colin has an HD set-up. Technology is definitely moving forward and there are some guys who are able to get some pretty good quality frame grabs which are good enough for newspaper print work from what I believe. According to the writer of this article, he works for a paper and can now use just a video camera to submit both stills to the paper and stills & video to the papers website.

For any budding videographers out there here's the link - HD Frame Grab - How to ... - we'd love to see some more high quality submissions to the website.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
17th January 2008 13:22
Well done bru, this actually looks light years ahead of anything i have seen come out of SA in regards to the BBing community, now too actually see the doccy.
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
17th January 2008 13:19
Are those really frame-grabs?! Quality is amazing!
that NINJA kidBryan Paynter
17th January 2008 13:00
HD grabs are crisp! I wanna see this!
ElianderthehatefulNico Boshoff
16th January 2008 17:57

Must see NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ElementreeGareth White
16th January 2008 17:27

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