ROSSI BODYBOARDS rider search "Call to Arms" returns to where it all started, South Africa!

posted on 11th November 2011

Whats up at Rossi Board Co.
As you hopefully already know Rossi Board Co has opened its distribution in Australia headed up by ex-Rossi employee and now co-owner, Andre Albert.
Marc and Andre have been working on the 2012 range since early this year and the first shipment is about to touch down in Australia. These first, hand shaped, pure bred South African boards will fill the shelves of bodyboard retail giants Bodyboard Surf Co and Inverted Gold Coast.

If you have picked up the lastest riptide mag you would have seen our latest ad featuring home grown hero Mark Watts and new team rider Daniel Bennington in the riptide previous to that. Dan is a DK freak from the Gold Coast who you may be most familiar with from his section in the all DK DVD the Lackey project where Dans really shows us the goods. We came across Dan when he answered our call - A campaign we called the "Call to Arms" whereby we put out the call to any riders looking for support and sponsorship. Once he had sent in his shots and clips ( it was a done deal, we had to have this guy onboard. We did it again a few months later and added Luke Morgan to our family. Luke is a bodyboarder to the core. He doesnt do contests, never been sponsored but goes chasing swells exploding on shallow, ledgy reefs just because its what he does. He does this all with his trustee gopro strapped to a custom made mount so we can all get in on the action. Check out his clip (

All in all Rossi Board Co has been through a massive transition over the last 2 years and the hard work is finally starting to show. Its now time for us to run the "Call to Arms" campaign in South Africa and get some more home grown talent to fly the flag of our local product. If you are looking for sponsorship in any form and feel you could represent RBC and help us grow SA bodyboarding into the global stream please send your shots and clip links to [email protected] with a short cover letter explaining who you are, where your from and what your all about.
Let the search begin where it all started....... in the homeland...



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