Alistair Taylor joins forces with Rossi Board Co

posted on 18th July 2005

7 times South African Champion, 1996 US Champion and 4 times Pipe World Champs finalist Alistair Taylor has just signed up with local bodyboard manufacturing wizard Marc Rossouw of Rossi Board Co. The agreement will see the release of a high-performance yet competitively priced line of Al-Taylor Design Signature boards before the upcoming summer season.

Alistair has been bodyboarding for some 20 years, and has a vast amount of experience in competition and free surfing in everything from tiny mushy beach breaks to the frigid, heaving 20 footers of Mavericks in California....he has pushed bodyboard design to it's limit to find out what works, and what doesn't, and now hopes to bring that knowledge to fruition with a board that goes off in any conditions.

The range will be comprised of 40", 41" and 42" boards, in bat tail and regular tail varieties, as well as the unique concept of a flex structure tailored to the water temperatures you spend the most time surfing in. Essentially polypro core boards, as these will all be, are too stiff for optimum performance in cold water when combined with a stringer in waters such as in-between Cape Town and East London. Conversely, a polypro board benefits greatly from a stringer in warmer waters such as in Durban, giving it greater durability and recoil through turns. Since a bodyboard's flexibility is so easily affected by water temperatures, and its flex is one of the key factors in its performance, Rossi and Alistair were keen to address this issue.

The boards will be priced for retail between R1200-R1400 and will also include finger grips to help riders hang on when landing massive moves and charging through deep barrels. Combined with Rossi's meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, the ATD series of Rossi boards promises to be the hottest item in bodyboarding for years to come.

For any inquiries please call Rossi at 083 678 4444.



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