A Quarter Century of SA Bodyboarding Champs History - well, almost!

posted by Kelly Footit on 21st September 2011

Wayhey! SA Champs is turning the big Twenty Five - a whole quarter of a century! That's a big one and worthy of a bit of celebration and with South Africa's bodyboarding elite migrating to the Mother City it is Western Province who are our host for the champs and the celebrations - the pressure is on!

So it goes without saying that there have been 24 - or 2 dozen - past Champions and so I thought I would dig up the list of past champs for everyone.

If you're a Central Kwa-Zulu Natal bodyboarder or supporter then you will probably already know that CKZN has won a staggering 21 of those titles. What you will probably be trying to forget is that Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal wrestled it off you in your backyard last year and are the current holders of the Team title. I somehow sense CKZN might have a score to settle this year, so it could be interesting. SKZN last won the title back in 2002 and relinqueshed the next year back to CKZN so they will no doubt be trying to better that record.

Western Province, the hosts, have one solitary win back in 1991 when they hosted the Champs and given the pool they have to draw from and some of the big names to come out of WP, you'd have to say that on paper they are the under-achiever in the team event - a record which they will be looking to set straight once again this year.

History has shown these three provinces to be the top 3 contenders but I'll be looking out for some improved performances from down the order. From a South African bodyboarding perspective it is always great to see the standard improving and talent emerging from other regions.

Inter-provincial Team Champion
1987-1990 Natal*
1991 Western Province
1992-2001 Natal*
2002 Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal
2003-2009 Central Kwa-Zulu Natal
2010 Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal

* Natal was renamed to Central Kwa-Zulu Natal

From the individual results the following bodyboarders have been South Africa's most successful champions with 3 or more wins:

Alistair Taylor x 8 (5 x Pro, 1 x Junior, 2 x Boys)
Mike van Huyssteen x 8 (2 x Pro, 5 x Masters, 1 x Grand Masters)
Sacha Specker x 5 (1 x Pro, 4 x Dropknee)
Craig Maree x 4 (1 x Pro, 3 x Dropknee)
Wayne Beekman x 4 (Mens)
Vaughn Harris x 3 (2 x Dropknee, 1 x Juniors)
Grant Lee (2 x Boys, 1 x Juniors)
Paul Basson x 3 (2 x Men, 1 x Masters)
James Wight x 3 (Masters)

In total we have had 94 bodyboarders who have claimed an SA Champ title over the years. Below are those that have had their names etched into the trophies:

Past SA Champions

Pro Division
2010 Mark McCarthy
2009 Sacha Specker
2008 Mark McCarthy
2007 David Lee
2006 Alistair Taylor
2005 Daniel Worsley
2004 Marc Jucker
2003 Craig Maree
2002 Philip Rodrigues
2001 Johan de Goede
2000 Johan de Goede
1999 Philip Rodrigues
1998 Paul Sartorius
1997 Dean Seppings
1996 Corne Snyders
1995 Alistair Taylor
1994 Alistair Taylor
1993 Nic Abrahams
1992 Alistair Taylor
1991 Grant Scheffer
1990 Alistair Taylor
1989 Mike van Huyssteen
1988 Mike van Huyssteen
1987 Kevin Dry
Dropknee Division
2010 Derek Footit
2009 Sacha Specker
2008 Sacha Specker
2007 Sacha Specker
2006 Derek Footit
2005 Vaughn Harris
2004 Vaughn Harris
2003 Sacha Specker
2002 Craig Maree
2001 Craig Maree
2000 Craig Maree
Juniors Division
2010 Adam Waites
2009 Marc Webster
2008 David Lilienfeld
2007 Michael Ostler
2006 Michael Ostler
2005 Jared Houston
2004 Grant Lee
2003 Grant Lee
2002 Craig Geddes
2001 Craig Geddes
2000 Wesley Etheridge
1999 Darren Halse
1998 Donovan Lawson
1997 Vaughn Harris
1996 Ian Metcalf
1995 Steve Benson
1994 Pharic Crawford
1993 Neal Stephenson
1992 Neal Stephenson
1991 Brett Simpson
1990 Anton Johnson
1989 Alistair Taylor
1988 Jacques van Heerden
1987 Tony Goss
Boys Division
2010 Wesley Coetzee
2009 Stephen du Preez
2008 Robbie Waites
2007 Adam Waites
2006 Iain Campbell
2005 Iain Campbell
2004 Adam Morley
2003 Jaryd Enslin
2002 Grant Lee
2001 Henlu Starke
2000 Henlu Stark
1999 Ryan Enslin
1998 Ian Kruger
1997 Jacques du Buisson
1996 Andre Botha
1995 Russell Fish
1994 Ryan McSkimming
1993 Paul Gibbs
1992 Tristan Stunden
1991 Jason Boddy
1990 Nic Blignault
1989 Dean Payne
1988 Alistair Taylor
1987 Alistair Taylor
Womens Division
2010 Natasha van Niekerk
2009 Suzie Vester
2008 Karla Costa-Taylor
2007 Pamela Bowren
2006 Inge Pieters
2005 Lize-Mari Ras
2004 Robyn Sorrenson
2003 Pamela Bowren
2002 Kamala Botha
2001 Danielle Danter
2000 Kamala Botha
1999 Olivia Donald
1998 Debra Patterson
1997 Olivia Donald
1996 Debra Patterson
1995 Kari Morris
1994 Ezanne Metelerkamp
1993 Kari Morris
1992 Trish Daniel
1991 Ezanne Metelerkamp
1990 Cathy McHale
1989 Ita Rugge
1988 Ita Rugge
1987 Sam Baillie
Mens Division
2010 Wayne Beekman
2009 Wayne Beekman
2008 Wayne du Preez
2007 Ryan Jucker
2006 Ralph Hoppe
2005 Wayne Beekman
2004 Wayne du Preez
2003 Wayne Beekman
2002 Tim O'Shea
2001 Paul Basson
2000 Paul Basson
1999 Brode Vosloo
1998 Sasha Taljaard
1997 Clinton Cooper
1996 Mark Maritz
1993 Riaan du Preez
Masters Division
2010 Martin Otto
2009 Gustav Botha
2008 Paul Basson
2007 Wesley McQuillan
2006 Michael van Huyssteen
2005 Steve Polinski
2004 Steve Polinski
2003 Brad Keets
2002 Justin Smith
2001 Lee Slabber
2000 Marcel Habets
1999 Mike van Huyssteen
1998 Brett Moyce
1997 Marcel Habets
1996 Mike van Huyssteen
1995 Mike van Huyssteen
1994 Kevin Dry
1993 Mike van Huyssteen
1992 James Wight
1991 James Wight
1990 Lawrence Atkinson
1989 James Wight
1988 Crispin Hemson
1987 Mark Farrer
Grand Masters Division
2010 Mike van Huyssteen



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