South African Bodyboarders determined to shine

posted by Robin de Kock on 25th March 2004

Three of the most determined individuals in the South African team at the 2004 ISA World Games in Salinas Ecuador are bodyboarders Vaughn Harris, Darren Halse and Inge Pieters. All of them have spent months training for the tournament and it shows in their performances to date.

Harris posted one of the highest heat scores of the contest in his second round and along with Halse, who competed in the 2002 World Games in Durban, remains a potential finalist.

Harris has not lost a heat in the event so far and is still in the qualifying rounds while Halse will need to make his way to the final via the Repercharge heats.

Pieters, who at 18 is the youngest member of the SA Team, has not only graced a number of the pages of the local newspapers but has also impressed her coaches, team mates and the judges with her fitness and competitive approach. She will also have to make her way through the repercharge rounds and could get close, especially if the Playa del FAE surf reaches the 6 foot mark for the final few days of competition.

A major incentive for this trio of bodyboarders to do well is the fact that the International Surfing Association is planning to introduce a World Bodyboard Championships onto the calendar in 2005 and South AfricasĀ“ northern neighbour Morocco is tipped as the hosts.

Seedings for the Bodyboard World championships will be important so a good result from this trio of South Africans will not only help the 2004 SA Team but will also put the SA Bodyboard Team at the top of the table for 2005.

Robin de Kock
General Manager
Surfing South Africa
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