Fischer wins the No6 Shark Island Trials


posted by Terry McKenna on 29th June 2008

South African bodyboarder Wes Fischer has won the Number 6 Brett Young Trials with a flawless display of riding in clean 3-4 feet waves at Cronulla point.

He was humble in his victory speech but out in the water showed the other side of his personality with a tradesman like approach to the final.

"Thanks to God, my girlfriend and my sponsors" said Fischer.

"Happy to win but the job is not finished yet, its just beginning"

Second position went to Queensland's Mitch Rawlins with Newcastle's Ben Gohl third and Jonathan Vega from Canary Islands fourth.

The other eight qualifiers were:

Ryan Hardy (Australia)
Brad Hughes (Australia)
Chad Jackson (Australia)
Jones Russell (Australia)
Michael Chapple (Australia)
Max Arent (Australia)
Airam Cabrera (Canary Islands)
Charlie Chaplet (Reunion Island)

1) Chris Wilson
2) Michael Novy
3) Ewan Donnachie
4) Mark Parsons

Tomorrow will see the 32 riders assemble at the point for the "Pro Show" at 11am.

This will be webcast at



ColinvanDongenColin van Dongen
30th June 2008 14:57
GO WES hoophoop... :)
Len at ScienceLen Bradford
30th June 2008 10:48
well done wes, good luck for the shark island

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