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posted by Mark Fordham on 18th December 2003

The final event on the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) World Super Tour (WST)

The Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro – Presented by T-Mobile and Mike Stewart Science will gather the world's best bodyboarders, including 6 x World Champion Guilherme Tamega (Brazil), defending 2002 WQT and WST Pipeline Champion Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii), Damian King and Sean Virtue (Australia) and 2 x World Champion Andre Botha (South Africa) to one of the world’s most respected big wave location – Pipeline, situated on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The 10-day waiting period enables the organizers to select the best waves and weather conditions at the world-renowned break. For many years, Pipeline has been considered by many as one of the world’s hollowest waves. Pipeline is renowned for its perfect left hand barrels. Waves reach heights of up to 15ft. The wave breaks on a shallow reef, breaking down a perfectly aligned reef, which gives Pipeline its name and picture perfect barrels.

This contest will be the last and deciding event of the IBA World Super Tour Events (WST) carrying a total purse of $ 20,000 USD.

Defending men's champion Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii) who won both the World Qualifying Tour (WQT) and World Super Tour (WST) events in 2002 will be one of the favourites to take out this year’s event. "I feel good at the moment. I have just been trying to get focused and prepared for the event. The waves so far have been pretty average with not too many good Pipe days on offer.” Asked on how he felt with the huge presence of local Hawaiian Bodyboarders Hubbard added, “It’s just great to see the local Hawaiian crew being granted a chance to compete against the world’s best. To see so many of them is excellent.”

Australian Damian King, who took out the first event of the 2003 IBA World Super Tour (WST), the Human Teahupoo Challenge is thumping 8 -12ft waves, has already proven that he can perform in the type of heavy conditions that Pipeline can serve up. His style and commitment is always a threat to anyone in his heat. “I will be just concentrating for a win. I have had a pretty good year so far, the contest scene has been pretty good for me in 2003. Teahupoo was a highlight for sure as was the IBA WQT event in Sintra, Portugal. This year’s Pipe event is going to be one of the hardest events so I think everyone will be on it. Everyone that is going for the WST crown will be very eager to just follow their game plan and go from there.”

The top four final ranking spots on the GOB Hawaiian Tour were granted positions straight into the Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro to show case the immense talent that Hawaii has to offer. Riders such as Dave Hubbard, Nathan Rubio, Jacob Romero and Eugene Texeira will be challenging the worlds best.

The Wildcard entrants will consist of seven Hawaiians and other Pipeline specialists selected from mainly Hawaii and around the world. Wildcards for the event have been given out to the following athletes:

IBA Wildcards
  • Kainoa McGee - Hawaii
  • Spencer Skipper - Hawaii
  • Oshi Grady - Hawaii
  • Jarret Lau - Hawaii
  • Tau Whiu - Australia

GOB Hawaii Wildcards
  • Dave Hubbard – Hawaii
  • Nathan Rubio – Hawaii
  • Jacob Romero – Hawaii
  • Eugene Texeira - Hawaii

Competitors for The Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro are as follows:

The IBA Top 24 World Super Tour

GUILHERME TAMEGA – Brazil, ANDREW LESTER – Australia, SEAN VIRTUE – Australia, JEFF HUBBARD – Hawaii, BEAU DAY – Australia, BEN PLAYER – Australia, ALISTAIR TAYLOR – South Africa, ANDRE BOTHA – South Africa, DAMIAN KING – Australia, RYAN HARDY – Australia, JASON HAZLE – Australia, KELLEY HUNT – Hawaii, GRAHAME MILLER - Australia, TOBY PLAYER – Australia, MIKE STEWART – Hawaii, TYSON WILLIAMS – Australia, NICHOLAS CAPDEVILLE – France, CEDRIC DUFAURE – France, DAVE WINCHESTER - Australia, BEN HOLLAND- Australia, MITCH RAWLINS - Australia, PAULO BARCELLOS – Brazil, JOSH KIRKMAN – Australia

IBA Wildcards


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