SA Bodyboarder Places Second at World Championship Event

posted by Olivia Jones on 16th January 2006

Brandon Foster (Durban North) placed second in the Drop Knee division of the prestigious Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro bodyboarding event held at the famous Pipeline reef break in Hawaii on January 14, 2005.

Solid 1.5 – 2.5 metre waves produced picture perfect conditions for the final day of 2005 World Bodyboarding Championships.

"I am super stoked because Pipeline is not one of my best waves for drop knee and so to have pulled off getting second is crazy to me. The best part was actually just getting the wave that put me into second place, even if I had come last I would have been happy with that wave," said Foster who has been an avid bodyboarder for the last 14 years and was the lone South African in the Hawaiian dominated final.

Foster was the highest placed South African in the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) tournament. The 25 year old who was born in Pietermaritzburg has gained a fierce reputation in the last few years for his stylish drop knee riding (in the half kneeling stance). Foster has traveled extensively bodyboarding world class waves around the globe in well over 20 different countries.

With the top two scores counting the final turned out to be a nail biting affair; less than two points separated all four finalists. Foster took second behind eventual World Tour Champion David Hubbard (Hawaii) by just one point. Hawaiian Powerhouse Kainoa Mcgee caught the best wave of the heat but was unable to back it up with a second high scoring ride and finished third with Bud Miyamoto (Hawaii) in fourth having caught two average waves.

Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro
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Drop Knee Final Results:

1. David Hubbard (USA/Hawaii) 13 points
2. Brandon Foster (South Africa) 12 points
3. Kainoa McGee (USA/Hawaii) 11.5 points
4. Bud Miyamoto (USA/Hawaii) 11 points



jbsJared Schafer
17th January 2006 11:09
B Fozzle represents!

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