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posted on 12th January 2006

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Day 2 of the Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro starts off with HUGE dangerous conditions with many facials going down and many beastmaster waves.

Starting off the contest Lloyd Pereira from South Africa owns Heat 1 with 2 big pits advancing on with Harry Dixon taking out Eddie Solomon who took the facial of the day with a late drop to lip on the head on about an 8 footer Hawaiian backwash hectic wave that gave him him a choke out and ripped his ROCKSTAR rash guard off his back.

Moving on Local boy Kona Kualiani in Heat 2 advances to the main event with Aiden Taylor taking first with smooth big wave barrell riding.

Heat 3 was Californians Ross Mcbride and Rusty Friesen. Rusty Friesen has shown the best performance of the contest this far scoring a 9.0 on a masive ten foot heavy pit that he sccoped. The best wave of Round 4 trials. Rossi closed the deal too with some beastmaster pits sending Jean Ferreira and Tyler Ching-Johnson home.

Heat 4 brought in Morey rider Pyoer Lluellen who started off the heat with a heavy 5 to 7 second barrell. Pyper placed first with Javier Baez placing 2nd with some good action moves sending home Vijay Maharaj and Thomas Robinson.

Heat 5 Big Island Boy Vaj Leder dominates with smooth combos, barrells, and launching skills. Tate MArtin took second with DEEP clean barrells sending home californian Zach Baz and Langlet Sylvain.

Heat 6 NSU boy Mark Balasbas takes 1st with long barrells and the dark horse of the contest master scooper Pipelines own Alex Kinimaka comes through with second place. It wasnt good conditions for Hermano Castro and Abraham Concepcion.

Heat 7 CHRIS TALOA DOMINATES! He gets an 8.0 the second highest score of the day and closes the deal with two more very high scores. Chris was using his LK local knoweldge to show the kids whas up. Wahiawa underground Jacob Vandervelde places 2nd and is soo stoked to be surfing big pipe.

The last heat of round 4 trials was close with Shaun Petersen and Adam "Crashy Benwall" placing 1,2. Colin black did launch a good air and placed third with Mark Klein getting too many close outs placing 4th.


FRIESEN gets highest score of the day - 9.5!!

Round 2 starts off absolutely going off with Wade Asato placing first with consistent barrell riding but the highlight of the heat was Jarret Lau getinga huge bomb that spit him out into 2nd place with just one minute lefft . It made 3rd place rider Kona Kuailani and South African Lloyd Pereira want to go visit

Heat 2 had some descent action with 1 hawaiian and one aussie advancing the results go like this:

1st Nick Shand USAH
2nd Aidan Taylor USAH
3rd Ricardo Paes AUS
4th Harry Dixon AUS

Heat 3 was total domination by Rusty Friesen getting the wave of the day. A humongous holding up bomb that he scooped and was DEEEEEEP. Now you see me now you dont style he gets spit out with a 9.5. He follows that wave up with a huge barrell to roll out scoring him an 8. 17.5 out of 20 he has the most points in one single heat now and is the DARKHORSE of the contest. Placing 2nd was Paul Benco from Hawaii . 3rd and 4th went to Javier Baez from Puerto Rico and Josh Wills from West Side, Oahu .

Heat 4 brough back more California love with Ross Mcbride placing first scoring very high scores with a solid 8 beastmaster scooping a barrell. Placing 2nd Happy scrapped in last second with a bad ass barrell and a massive air. Happy took out Kauai boy Pyper Lluellen and other island boy Resis Yonehiro

Heat 5 brought in Big Islands finest Vaj Leder who on his first wave did two inverts, a spin in the, pocket to a reverse air off the back. He did not take first though , it was our other darkhorse Aiea 's own Alex Kinimaka scooped into two bombs getting solid sevens showing the kids what is up and who runs Pipe. 3rd and 4th went to hawaii guys Jacob Romero and Willy Petrovick.

Heat 6 Pupeka's own Mark Balasbas dominates placing first along with other Hawaii Derek Miyashiro taking out the string Aussie Tate Martin and Hawaii 's Ricky Alvarez

Heat 7 brought the young guns. When I say young I mean young. A freaking 12 year old lil boy out in massive pipe. His name is Travis Smith from Kauai . He placed fourth but he pulled in one very good close out which he will look very small in. It will be in the next Movement Magazine . The other young gun was Big slands Tucker Bontecou who took out North Shore 's Chris Taloa . Placing first was Adam "Crashy" Benwall totally dominating scooping, and rolling out of bombs.

Heat 8 saw dropknee sensation David Hubbard own the heat and puinsai deep DK scoring solid scores of 6-7 on the knee. He took first with Warren Anderson 2nd, Shaun Petersen 3rd, and Jacob Vandervelde 4th.


Heat 1 Jarret Lau closed the deal pushing him into round 3 and day 2 of the main event taking 2nd as Cedric Dufare from France takes 1. Wade Asato from Hawaii and Jason Bitzer, the only east coast representative took 3, 4.

Heat 2 is total domination by Alex Bunting. Young gun Nick Shand places 2nd. 3rd Roberto Bruno 4th Aidan Taylor.

Heat 3 sees a major upset as Kainoa Mcgee goes down placing third with Rusty Friesen placing 4th. Both were waiting for bombs and only needed about a three to advance. With three minutes left Rusty made a bad choice on a big backdoor closeout. Paul Benco got second and Paulo Barcellos first scoring some inside nuggets and a very high 9 point ride.

Heat 4 Ross Mcbride taking it home for California with some very evry deep pits and Happy Z. takes 2nd. Good night to Brae Pettiford and Cesar Bauer.

Heat 5 brings another major upset with Spencer Skipper going down placing third not catching any solid waves but did boost a BIG BIG air roll that was not pulled properly. Darkhorse Alex Kinimaka also went down placing 4th with Vaj Leder second and John Showell 1st.

Heat 6. Pierre Louis Costes is 15 years old and tried the biggest move of the contest a HUGE ARS on a massive bowl. He could have just got barrelled and scored an easy 5 but he chose to try and go big. He ended up getting a 2 on the ARS and missed advancing by two points. 4th place went to local boy Mark Balasbas. 2nd place to Hawaii's Derek Miyashiro and 1st to Ewan Donnachie.

Heat 7 Tucker Bontecou 4th David Perez 3rd Adam Benwell 2nd Brian Wise 1st Adam Benwall scored a PERFECT TEN in this heat with a massive massive drop to heavy DEEP DEEP pit to spit out!

Heat 8

4th Warren Anderson
3rd Doug Showell
2nd Amaury Lavernhe
1st David Hubbard

There you go - See you tomorrow with more results and the NEW WORLD CHAMP WILL BE CROWNED!!



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