Rockstar Games Honolua Bay Pro: Day Three


posted by Paul Cooper on 6th January 2006

Day 3 of the Rockstar Games Honolua Bay pro looked to provide a variation of riding from the Drop Knee Riders and the women. Round 1 of the DK division started off the day with surf in the 3-4 foot range early on. Stand outs of the round included David Hubbard and Damien Boone advancing out of round one with sick backside maneuvers. Another stand out was The 2005 IBA Hawaii DK champion Ricky Alvarez with good outside turns then Floating off of sick inside sections. Also making through round 1 was DK legend Kainoa McGee and up and comer from the island of Kauai Bud Miyamoto.

Directly Following Round was the Quarter Finals of the DK. In heat number 1 David Hubbard and Kainoa McGee took out Australia’s top up and coming DK rider Kim Feast who had a good showing in the first round. Also advancing on to the semis Local Maui rider Elijah Welch who used his knowledge of Honolua to get set waves and sick barrels. Also making it was Gabriel Galdos from Peru who was able to fit in some nice front side tubes.

Up next were the quarter final women’s heats. Of to a great start the waves started to come in with some 5 foot sets. Not wasting any time was Claudia Ferrari who was able to get some solid 5 foot sets and get barreled all the way to the inside. Advancing behind her was Kira Liewellyn from Australia. Heat #2 showed Brazil’s finest in Daniela Ronquilio and Carolina Casimero, both advancing on. Wrapping up the round was Luzmarie Perez and Linda Molina getting great ride on Honolua Bays Long right hand peaks.

The waves seem to really start to come in once the finals began. DK was up first with David Hubbard, Kainoa McGee, Bud Miyamoto and Ricky Alvarez. Even though he was able to get most of the sets in his early heats, Kainoa McGee just didn’t get into any good ones in the final. Ricky Alvarez started off strong and got some nice front size snaps but came up short. The battle was on between the 2 riders from Kaui. However, David Hubbard came up as the victor scoring a perfect 10 on a backside barrel then streaming across to the inside to do a sick Floater on a section that was made for boosting.

With the DK heat over it didn’t seem like it could get any better. Well, it did. The women’s final had non stop sets. The girls were going at it. Kira Llewellyn caught a great set wave and did a huge invert on the end bowl. Unable to hang on she wasn’t rewarded with a high score. However, outside Daniela and Carolina were going to war. Both got great set waves and put together good combinations of moves. Carolina came up as the winner with Daniela at a close second.

DK Results

1. David Hubbard
2. Bud Miyamoto
3. Ricky Alvarez
4. Kainoa McGee

Women’s Results

1. Carolina Casimero
2. Daniela Ronquilio
3. Kira Llewellyn
4. Claudia Ferrari

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