Rockstar Games $35,000 World Tour Showdown


posted by Mark Fordham on 15th November 2005

In support of bodyboarding worldwide, Rockstar Games and the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) are proud to announce two major bodyboarding events across the Hawaiian Winter season,
crowning a series winner and a new IBA world champion and offering more than $35,000 up for grabs in total prizemoney.

The first will be the Rockstar Games Honolua Bay Pro, at Honolua Bay, Maui, with a 10-day waiting period from December 26th 2005 to January 6th 2006. "We had such great feedback from last year's event, where we crowned a new world champion, that we thought it would be a great idea to incorporate into a bigger and better world tour finale this year, and Rockstar helped us make that happen,² said Event Director and IBA Hawaii representative, Corey Correa. "It's a giant boost for the bodyboarding community worldwide."

The second and final event will be the Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro at
Pipeline, from January 9th to January 15th 2006. This event will be the
final event of the world tour, and will crown a new world champion. "Pipeline has, and always will be the ultimate venue for bodyboarding," says 9-time world bodyboarding champion and 11-time Pipeline champion, Mike Stewart. "We've been crowning world champs here for over 20 years, and the riders love coming back here year after year to prove themselves. This is where the high-performance side of bodyboarding was born."

Presenting sponsor for both events is Mike Stewart's company, Mike Stewart Science Bodyboards.

In addition, The Rockstar Games Honolua Bay pro will feature a women's division with $5000 prize money, with the final six riders participating in a showcase final at Pipeline during the Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro. Both events will host a dropknee division with $5000 prizemoney.

For press information contact:
Rockstar Games:
Simon Ramsey [email protected]
IBA Hawaii:
Paul Cooper [email protected]



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