Bodyboarders on Standby for 2005 Bayview Shootout

posted by Olivia Jones on 26th June 2005

2005 Bayview Shootout
Big Wave Bodyboarding Contest
Boland Bodyboarding Association (BBA) Speciality Event
Bayview, Hermanus, South Africa
25 June to 3 July, 2005

Over 30 of South Africa’s top big wave bodyboarders are on standby to meet at 08h00 tomorrow at Bayview in Hermanus.

With the recent cold front there is a possibility that enough swell has been generated to run the event for a possible Tuesday start.

Click here to download the Heat Sheats.

“We are preparing for the biggest event in SA Bodyboarding history, although the waves have not hit yet, the predictions are that things will start happening from Sunday afternoon into Monday and Tuesday,” commented event organiser Riaan Du Preez.

“Swells are predicted to reach the minimum required 15ft for the event to be held on Monday. Come rain or wind the waves will be king and a new winner might be crowned within the next couple of days,” added Du Preez.

The 2005 Bayview Big Wave Shootout is into its fourth year and utilises a window period to select the biggest and best surf on offer for South Africa’s brave hell men.

Multiple World Bodyboarding Champion Mike Stewart who has sponsored prizes for the event had some encouraging words to share with the competitors, "You have made it to the highest echelon of wave riding which in itself is a victory, so I congratulate each of you for your achievement. I encourage you to courageously explore your parameters and in so doing you will live your life to the fullest.”

The little known spot of Bayview is a ledging right hand breaking wave that grinds its way over razor sharp barnacles on a shallow reef only a few feet below the surface with the resulting wave being a fearful prospect to anyone brave enough to take on its raw power.

The criteria for the Bayview Shootout is not limited to the biggest wave ridden, but the biggest and best manoeuvres executed in the critical section of the biggest wave - the result will be breathtaking.

Sponsors include Mike Stewart Science bodyboards, Reef, Maui and Sons, Pionier Custom Made Furniture, Island Style, Sindrome Clothing, ABC Printers and Logic Bodyboarding Magazine.

Sixty40 has designed a web poll open to the public to vote for who they think will win the event. Please visit and vote below “news snippets”

List of Big Wave Bodyboarders:

  1. Andre Botha (Umhlanga, Durban)
  2. Brandon Foster (California- originally from Durban)
  3. Alistair Taylor (Pietermaritzburg - KZN)
  4. Harry Dixon (Mona Vale , Australia)
  5. Stef Skajarowski (Cornwall, UK)
  6. Lourance Klose (Cape Town)
  7. Johan de Goede (Boland)
  8. Wayne Craig (Cape Town)
  9. Ian Kruger (Cape Town)
  10. Wayne "Shaggy" Gardner (East London)
  11. Marc Jucker (Port Elizabeth)
  12. Ryan Jucker (Port Elizabeth)
  13. Ishmael Grant (Cape Town)
  14. Aadam Grant (Seapoint, Cape Town)
  15. Henk Esterhuysen (Boland)
  16. Paul Morkel (Hermanus, Boland)
  17. Lloyd Pereira (Cape Town)
  18. John "Cato" Catlin (Cape Town)
  19. Tomas Catlin (Cape Town)
  20. Hankus Loubser (Cape Town)
  21. Attie van Heerden (Cape Town)
  22. David Richardson (Cape Town)
  23. Justin Hoeben (Boland)
  24. Martin Ras (Strand, Boland)
  25. Stefan du Toit (Boland)
  26. Jared Houston (Cape Town)
  27. Adam Morley (Mossel Bay, Southern Cape)
  28. Renier Hanekom (Hermanus)
  29. Vaughn Harris (Tsitsikamma, Southern Cape)
  30. Alternates (To Be Confirmed)

For background information about Bayview and the Big Wave contest, please visit the Boland Bodyboarding website or visit the contest page on sixty40.
For more information please contact Riaan Du Preez on 082 777 3605

To read more about the latest news and views in SA bodyboarding circles visit South Africa's most popular bodyboarding website and enter the "What's your excuse?" competition.

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