30 Bodyboarders, Nine days, Boland's Biggest Waves

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posted by Olivia Jones on 2nd June 2005

Bay View Shoot Out Poster30 bodyboarders, nine days, Boland’s biggest waves, these are the ingredients required to stage the 2005 Bayview Shootout in Hermanus from 25 June to 3 July.

The event which is into its fourth year utilises a window period to select the biggest and best surf on offer for South Africa’s top big wave bodyboarders.

Defending event champion and Bayview pioneer Johan “Tjoekie” de Goede (Boland) will be back to assert his dominance at his local spot. 2004’s runner up Aadam Grant (Cape Town), third placed Marc Jucker (Port Elizabeth) as well as top scorers Hankus Loubser (Cape Town) and Henk Esterhuysen (Boland) have once again confirmed their entry into the event which is known for separating the mice from the men. Last year’s tournament boasted 20ft waves which escalated in size resulting in the NSRI escorting bodyboarders to safety in the afternoon.

There is a wide range of ages from the youngest competitor Justin Hoeben (Boland) who is 15 years old to the more experienced riders like event favourite from Pietermaritzburg, Alistair Taylor (32), who has been bodyboarding for 23 years. Taylor’s fearless reputation in waves of consequence is well known as the former US Champion has laid claim to catching one of the heaviest waves ever witnessed at the notorious Australian reef break Shark Island.

A strong contingent of top international riders namely Brandon Foster (California – originally from Durban), Harry Dixon (Mona Vale, Australia) and Stef Skajarowski (Cornwall, UK) have also entered.

Hermanus locals include Renier Hanekom and Paul Morkel.

The little known spot of Bayview is a ledging right hand breaking wave that grinds its way over razor sharp barnacles on a shallow reef only a few feet below the surface with the resulting wave being a fearful prospect to anyone brave enough to take on its raw power.

The criteria for the Bayview Shootout is not limited to the biggest wave ridden, but the biggest and best manoeuvres executed in the critical section of the biggest wave - the result will be breathtaking.

Sponsors include Reef, Maui and Sons, Pionier Custom Made Furniture, Science Bodyboards, Island Style, Sindrome clothing, ABC Printers and Logic Bodyboarding Magazine.

List of Big Wave Bodyboarders:
  1. Andre Botha (Umhlanga, Durban)
  2. Brandon Foster (California – originally from Durban)
  3. Alistair Taylor (Pietermaritzburg – KZN)
  4. Harry Dixon (Mona Vale , Australia)
  5. Stef Skajarowski (Cornwall, UK)
  6. Lourance Klose (Cape Town)
  7. Johan de Goede (Boland)
  8. Wayne Craig (Cape Town)
  9. Ian Kruger (Cape Town)
  10. Wayne “Shaggy” Gardner (East London)
  11. Marc Jucker (Port Elizabeth)
  12. Ryan Jucker (Port Elizabeth)
  13. Ishmael Grant (Cape Town)
  14. Aadam Grant (Seapoint, Cape Town)
  15. Henk Esterhuysen (Boland)
  16. Paul Morkel (Hermanus, Boland)
  17. Lloyd Pereira (Cape Town)
  18. John “Cato” Catlin (Cape Town)
  19. Tomas Catlin (Cape Town)
  20. Hankus Loubser (Cape Town)
  21. Attie van Heerden (Cape Town)
  22. David Richardson (Cape Town)
  23. Justin Hoeben (Boland)
  24. Martin Ras (Strand, Boland)
  25. Stefan du Toit (Boland)
  26. Jared Houston (Cape Town)
  27. Adam Morley (Mossel Bay, Southern Cape)
  28. Renier Hanekom (Hermanus)
  29. Vaughn Harris (Tsitsikamma, Southern Cape)
  30. Alternates (To Be Confirmed)

For background information about Bayview and the Big Wave contest, please visit the Boland Bodyboarding website

For more information please contact Riaan Du Preez on 082 777 3605



MarkMark Reitz
9th June 2005 20:08
Rocki r u scared that the groms will charge bigger than u?
Why do u judge the ""rebel"groms" before u have even seen them surf?
why do you sit on ur arse and judge the people that actualy stands up and overcome their fears.Why dont u support them?
Thats what bodyboarding is all about,pushing ur limits.
Jared HoustonJared Houston
5th June 2005 16:54
yo rocky.

i hace pmed you but you never replyed,i agree with martin or mark,which was it...i am doing this piurely to push my surfin and the sport into the next level.

if groms werent allowed to enter then none of our names would be down,i know bayview is heavy and i have the utmost respect for anyone who surfs it and the wave itself.

i know all the isks involved,and i will admit i am very scared,but i know what i can handle and what cant,i wont be doing anything stupid or out of my league..

thanks for the words of warning.
jared houston
KellyKelly Footit
4th June 2005 19:51
FYI The organisers are ensuring that everyone is aware of the risks involved. No-one wants injusries/fatalities!

As for whether or not the groms should enter - there are groms that are capable, just look at Andre Botha and going back a few years Adam 'Wingnut' Smith who has been charging Shark Island since the age of 12. If you are capable then go for it and you should always push your limits. But you should know when those limits are way beyond your abilities and be responsible enough to admit that and not paddle out - if not you will be putting others at risk should it come to a rescue situation.
MatthewMatthew Botha
4th June 2005 18:12
i think it`s kief that ous as young as 15 are entering, because that will just show the stand-up surfers just how much bodyboarders really charge, but those groms MUST catch at least one wave over 10ft. it does not help just entering so that you can get a name for yourself among the pro`s or older bodyboarders and not catch anything `cause you`ll just make a fool of yourself. any old dick, tom or harry can enter but not many will have the courage to see the task through.
MartinMartin Ras
4th June 2005 10:37
With all due respect Rockie, I am sure these guys including myself entered the event to only push our own boundries to a certian extent. So what if some of the guys do not go in? At least they've gone so far as to actually enter the event and want to be part of something words can't describe. Big up to all the groms that is already part of the event just by entering. Good luck.
3rd June 2005 20:25
Addressing all the rebel 'groms' that are entering the bigwave and THINK they'l surf Bayview [in exses of 10ft]: why are u much of pissys doing entering this comp? is it for the recognition or the media coverage, coz when u get there you will relise how big and heavy it really is and you'l say to yourself: 'waht the f*ck am i dong here!?!?'. And if u manage to scrape enough courage together to paddle out you will probally end up in hospital. So the message I i am try to bring accross to you that think you'l take on one of the biggest spots in SA, baview is bigger than your ego's, MUCH MUCH BIGGER. i.o.w. U think you know but you have NO IDEA!

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