Sintra Pro Womens - Neymara makes it 3


posted on 2nd September 2004

With the beach full of public, supporting the athletes intensely, something that it was never had seen in the feminine contest. Neymara Carvalho (Bra) won this final and show the reason of being world champion, Neymara dominated the battery from the begin to the end accomplishing with the two best waves of this final (7.50 and 7.33) In second place it was Heloise Bourroux (Guad) that always believed and it assured the second place in the last second of this final with a wave of 6.83, and leaving in 3rd Marina Taylor (Cnry), didn't catch a wave that guaranteed the title of vice-champion. The Portuguese Andréia starts very well with the wave of 4.83 but after that never find the waves and, finished in last place.

1. Neymara Carvalho
2. Heloise Bourroux
3. Marina Taylor
4. Andreia Estrela

Congratulations to the Portuguese Surfing Federation and the City hall of Sintra to having provided this spectacular event.

See you next year…

Good waves



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2nd September 2004

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