Tristan Roberts claims victory at the Tand Invitational 2014 - becoming a two-times Tand Champion

posted by Simon Heale on 1st July 2014

Ph: Simon Heale

The Tand Invitational 2014, presented by The Surf HQ ( and Zion Wetsuits SA ( was held yesterday, the 30th June 2014 in heavy 2-3 metre waves.

Tirstan Roberts - Ph: Seth Phitides

The spectators, officials and competitors were greeted with a frosty, clear morning with no clouds in the sky, no wind and a deep chill. But the chill wasn't just from the cold ai, it was from the excitement of the pumping waves on offer! Clean swell lines were hitting the reef and unloading like a canon with perfect barrels, heavy sections and big air ramps.

Ph: Simon Heale

As soon as the horn sounded the start of the first heat of the Tand Invitational 2014, the level of riding was something that hasn't been seen before. Henk Esterhuysen (Hermanus, Boland) showed complete control and focus on every wave he had. From long, deep barrels to smooth air forwards; he was going to go all the way. Iain Campbell (Durban, KZN) looked like a man on a mission from the get go showcasing calculated, huge air rolls, insane drops into the barrel and large backflips; he wanted the win!

Newcomer to the Tand Invitational, Terence Pieters (Margate, KZN) had a great barrel in his quarter-final heat but in the semi-finals he was unable to find waves that worked for him. He eventually chose a massive wave that was swinging wide of the reef and ended up free falling top-to-bottom and getting completely cleaned out. However, for this insane wipeout, he ended up taking home the cheque for the coveted Shaggy's Choice Award, sponsored by Wayne 'Shaggy' Gardener.

Terence Pieters - Ph: Seth Phitides

Ph: Simon Heale

All of the new, younger riders really showed passion and commitment to going as big as possible to impress the judges. Llandudno riders Benjy Oliver and Luke Kitchin as well as Melkbos rider Corban Warrington and Maniac Wildcard-Wilder Shultz, also from Melkbos, gave it their all but they just came short of a spot in the top four in this year's Tand Invitational.

Benjy Oliver - Ph: Seth Phitides

The final was hard fought between Tristan Roberts, Johan De Goede, Henk Esterhuysen and Iain Campbell. All were trading barrel for barrel, move for move; each bettering the other as best they could. Iain just couldn't seem to find rhythm in the final but he pushed the limits on every wave and boosted the biggest backflip of the event but unfortunately didn't hold the landing in the heavy conditions.

Iain Campbell - Ph: Kyle Mosetic

Johan De Goede (Strand, Boland) is a veteran barrel rider, and that is exactly what he did in the most stylish way; clocking up the most barrel time out of all the riders.

Tristan Roberts (Onrus, Boland) went full tilt in the Tand Invitational 2014 with his trademark big backflips, clean barrel riding and impressive inverts.

Henk Esterhuysen - Ph: Kyle Mosetic

Tjoekie - Ph: Seth Phitides

Everyone in the final deserved to be there and showcased insane bodyboarding, but when it all came down to the final buzzer, Tristan Roberts was the man in pole position, successfully defending his Tand Champion title, making him a now 2 times Tand Invitational champion.

Tristan Roberts - Ph: Kyle Mosetic

Ph: Simon Heale

Congratulations Tristan Roberts! Could he make it three in a row or will Jared Houston (also 2 times Tand Champion) be back next year for the Tand Invitational 2015 to take the title back?

A massive thank you goes out to all the sponsors of the Tand Invitational as well as the huge online support and all the spectators that braved the cold morning up at Tand yesterday, and lastly all the officials and judges!

Ph: Simon Heale

Ph: Simon Heale

The Tand Invitational 2014 is presented by The Surf HQ and Zion Wetsuits SA, in association with Red Bull South Africa, Fruit of the Loom, Flatmountain Roasters, Kingdom Longboards, Bassett Stationers and Acorn Lazer Engraving, Sixty40 Bodyboarding Mag and ReThink the Bag.

Iain Campbell - Ph: Seth Phitides

The contest was a success thanks to the support from you all.



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