South Coast Classic: Day Two Results and Report Back

posted by Janet Middleton on 6th May 2013

Day Two of the South Coast Classic 2013 in Margate dawned with much excitement, with clean swell and offshore winds along the Southern Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Again, Margate main beach offered the largest and most contestable conditions with 4-6 foot swells, with some larger sets occasionally coming through.
The morning began with the Pro Division quarter finals. The paddle was near impossible, so wave selection was critical and every wave chosen could make or break the heat for a competitor. Mark McCarthy and Terence Pieters wowed the judges and spectators with huge inverts.  

The Junior, Mens and Drop Knee divisions impressed in their semi finals with great control in the big surf.  As the day wore on, the wind turned, making conditions more difficult for the finals. The riders struggled to find clean lips, but made the best of the conditions and the most deserving riders prevailed.
  Again, the Junior riders delighted the crowd with backflips and inverts.

The Pro Final was an incredible one, with technical and big riding showing off their skills. Michael Ostler, Iain Campbell and Mark McCarthy pulled off huge inverts, with Mark and Terence Pieters bringing massive backflips into the mix. The competition was fierce and the Pro riders gave the crowd an awesome show!
Michael Ostler, from Central Kwa-Zulu Natal came out on top with his final invert giving him that one up on the other riders.  

A massive thanks goes out to our sponsors for helping make this event possible:
Koko's nightclub
Maniac Apparel
Glider sunglasses
Zion Wetsuits.  

Results of the South Coast Classic 2013
Pro Division:
1st Michael Ostler, 2nd Mark McCarthy, 3rd Iain Campbell, 4th Terence Pieters   Juniors Division:
1st Ian Viljoen, 2nd Wilder Shultz, 3rd Luke Kitchin, 4th Tristan Roberts  
Mens Division:
1st Stuart Bradford, 2nd Matthew Webster, 3rd Wayne Beekman, 4th Chris Green  
Boys Division:
1st Wian Oosthuysen, 2nd Alex Nutt, 3rd Joshua Pascoe, 4th Ethan Footit   Ladies Division:
1st Janneke De Kock, 2nd Georgi McKeone, 3rd Rosie Lombard, 4th Susanne Joubert  
Masters Division:
1st Derek Footit, 2nd Sean Oberholtzer, 3rd Morne Loubscher, 4th Ryan Steyn   DropKnee Division:
1st Iain Campbell, 2nd Stuart Bradford, 3rd Dane Klusner, 4th Michael Ostler.



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