South Coast Classic: Day One Results and Report Back

posted by Janet Middleton on 4th May 2013

Day One of the South Coast Classic 2013 kicked off today at Margate Main Beach, with the swell arriving in quick pulses and building throughout the day. Windy, cross-shore conditions made for some tough heats, but the riders managed to pull off some incredible moves!  

South African bodyboarding champion, Tristan Roberts dominated his Junior heat with a big, clean invert and a smoothly executed backflip. Newcomer to South African bodyboarding, Ethan Footit made it through to the boys final where he will compete with local boys rider, Alex Nutt, who surfed really well today with good, clean rolls. The Drop Knee heats were really exciting with some big floaters from Stuart  Bradford, Michael Ostler and Rheinhard du Toit.

In the Pro Division, the standards were high with Mark McCarthy, Tristan Roberts, Terence Pieters, Matthew Lombard and Michael Ostler pulling of clean manoeuvres in the good conditions. Terence, Mark and Tristan all landed big backflips and great combination waves.

Tomorrow will be the second and final day of the South Coast Classic in Margate. Check in will be at 7am at the Margate Main Beach, which holds promise for the finals with good winds and even better swell. There will also be a paddle-out in remembrance of the owner of Koko's Nightclub, one of sponsors of the South Coast Classic.

Day One Results

Boys Division:  
1 Wian Oosthuizen 2 Ethan Footit 3 Cody Butterworth 4 Wayne vd Merwe  
1 Alex Nutt 2 Joshua Pascoe 3 Luciana Ovidi 4 Martin Grobler  

Junior Division:  
Round One:
1 Tristan Roberts 2 Jarrod Thomas 3 Daniel Fleure 4 Slade Staunton  
1 Garryd Ensor-Smith 2 Eugene Prenzler 3 Tristan Knowles  

Mens Division:  
Round One:
1 Rayner Venter 2 Zack Venter 3 Nick Phillips  
1 Matthew Webster 2 Chris Green 3 Jonathan Bernon 4 Divan Jasmin  

Drop Knee Division:  
Round One:
1 Chris Green 2 Dane Klusener 3 Rheinhard du Toit 4 Jarrod Thomas  
1 Michael Ostler 2 Stuart Bradford 3 Mark McCarthy 4 Brendon van Rooyen 5 Matthew Webster

Pro Division:   
Round One: 
1 Brendan van Rooyen 2 Rheinhard du Toit 3 Ian Viljoen   
1 Bradley Moyes 2 Daniel Fleure 3 Wian Oosthuizen 4 Dane Beales   
Quarter Finals: 
1 Mark McCarthy 2 Rory Fellow-Smith 3 Wilder Schultz 4 Brendon van Rooyen   
1 Matthew Lombaard 2 Michael Ostler 3 Wesley Coetzee 4 Bradley Moys   
1 Tristan Roberts 2 Terence Pieters 3 Luke Kitchin 4 Rheinhard du Toit   



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