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Help!! DK

  • flyboy
    May 2007
    i have a problem when i get up on dk. i just can't get any speed on a wave and then end up eating it.
    some help please!!!!

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  • bboard1
    May 2007
    just try get up into position as yur dropin into the wave. do a bottom turn then ride on
  • SmTSmT
    May 2007
    Make sure you're not sitting too far back on your board, position yourself so your weight is spread evenly!
    Keep trying!!
    Sean T
  • Chinnychinchin
    May 2007
    This all depends on the type of wave and the power the wave has....but here are some of my mistakes over the years.....

    1. You could be sitting too far forward on your board, it's like trying to drive with the hand-break on. I have found that if you sit quite far back opn your board but keep your front foot forward to spread your weight.
    2. If you get up too jerky and wobbly and not smooth you can end up pushing too hard on the rails or the back or front of your board and you'll end up pushing water instead of gliding over it. If you look at all the great DKers in the vids it's all smooth as glass when they get up to the knee, concerntrating on getting the knee in the right spot on the rail to get a good edge cause thats where all your speed is gonna come from.
    4. If you're dropping in too far down the wave. If you are not dropping in at an angle to the wave, you will end up going straight down the wave and inevitably out of the power-zone of the wave (upper 1 third of the wave) I've found if you do this you will have to put too much effort into your bottem turn and if it's a rubbish wave you'll lose all your speed.
    4. When you get up hold your outside rail like the Living Ledgend DK Inventor and Pioneer Jack Lindholm. Do that until you have have the knee position waxed. I did it the other day and did a mid-face turn and could not believe how I rocketed out of the pocket. So much speed it was like I was riding prone.

    Go Big.....hope this helps.
  • flyboy
    May 2007
    shot. Think my problem is not getting up right.
  • hugh grant
    May 2007
    Uuuuh no!! who ever could of implied that... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  • Mangaz17
    December 2007
    if u having trouble getting that front foot up, try taking one fin off (ur leading foot) it does make it alot easier. i admit im only learning DK myself but that helped
  • Diego
    October 2008
    Dk is the second best thing since sliced bread haha ok well a tip i learned is that when your getting up try to bring your knee to your elbow and dont let yuor inner hand go untill you have securely put your knee on and then try to keep the other hand on aswell but you gotta let go before u put ur outer foot on... :roll: but yeah and try to keep leaned forward for speeedyness :arrow:
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