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Request for DK Footage

  • KellyKelly
    October 2006
    Guys - this can help get our local guys some international exposure so please think about making some submissions.

    The flowrider might also be a good bit of an angle for them too.
    Name of Person: Micah McMullin
    Email: [email protected]

    Subject of Message: DK video looking for submissions

    A large group of us in Hawaii including Leroy Kaiwi, Marcus Rodrigues, Mark Balasbas(Heights Production), Danny Black(BodyboardersHawaii), and Kyle Matsumoto are working on a new DK video. We are currently looking for submissions from anyone that has good dk footage. Our goal is to unite all DK riders- old school, new school,east coast, west coast,etc and show people what DK is all about.

    To submit video contact me at [email protected] We would like to have rider's name ,person shooting video and as much of the ride as possible(take-off to finish). We will edit the footage to give the video a smooth flow. The deadline for submissions is March 2007. We are looking to have the video available next summer.


    Micah McMullin

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