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FTS stocks ATD bodyboards

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    October 2006
    To anyone interested in knowing!

    You can now get ATD bodyboards through FTS Board art. At a very cool price as well, with something to go with it absolutely FREE. We thank ATD for the opportunity in doing this, and wont let them down.

    So go check it out, one wont be let down. They are brilliant boards, which are extremely strong and durable. That have been tested by the limits!!

    A cool button which is on the board, that is just so awesome and original!

    Delivery is also FREE! So one can buy the board and get a cool product for FREE and dont have to worry about the delivery as well, cause it's FREE.

    Just note that we are in no competion with others, we're just amped to promte the sport.

    CHECK IT OUT! :lol:

    Greg Vieira
    FTS Board Art
    tel: 083 400 2996/ 076 688 3471/ 042 296

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