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    October 2006
    Okay, we know it's been awhile that anyone has heard from us. We appologise for that but the site is up and running now, the delay was from a web-master that was a total fraud. We are on track again as we have been the whole time except for the site being up.
    At the moment we have also signed 2 riders on....Jaco o' Neil from J-bay(who is a free surfer)& Gavin Botha from George(the competitor).
    Sorry for the delay again.... :mrgreen:

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  • Peter Lambert
    October 2006
    Hi Greg,

    Nice to see that you have got your site up and running. So riders can buy decals that you have made as well as send in their own creations to have printed.


    What kind of file formats do you accept of rider art, and do you post off around South Africa?

    oh, P.S. Congrats on signing Gavin Botha... he rips!

    Peter Lambert
  • FTS
    October 2006
    Hi Peter...

    Shot for the reply!
    About the design format, I prefer that the format is in a JPEG format but honestly I will be able to read most formats.

    Sending around the country is not a problem for me, cause I have prepared myself for international posting.
    I also only charge postage on large orders locally and if one would like it sent speed mail.

    Appreciate the heads up on the riders....Very proud on signing up Gavin, we also truely believe he rips and has a good attitude on his shoulders.

    We would like to add, that we have also seen "Lines of Fire" and really think it is a brilliant movie, the photography is unreal. So congrats to you on the release of that....

    Thanks again.
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