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This forum still in use?

  • June 2006
    Has everyone stopped using this? Just came across it the other day and thought it would be pretty sweet idea.. but looks like not everyone is too excited about it.

    Well im alway keen to help the SA bodyboarding scene in SA where ever possible, even though im mainly abroad all the time but maybe there should be a brainstorm section then or something to give this forum a new fresh look / feel on things? Dont know thats just my thought and opinion on things....

    got spans of ideas for the bodyboarding side back home all the time but think maybe we should work on a central hub with certain contact people (ie the guys that run the clubs / event) and we pump full of ideas and positive thoughts and they take and apply the ones that sounds promising...

    well as i say just a thought to get the wheels going...

    cheers for now and off to find some dinner!


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