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Surfers who bodyboard / Bodyboarders who surf

  • KellyKelly
    April 2014

    An interesting read by surf writer Mike Reynolds:

    Bodyboarding King Jeff Hubbard & Why You Need One in Your Quiver

    We are in the midst of a bodyboarding resurgence. Though the IBA (Int’l Bodyboarding Association) faltered this past year, the APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders) has fully taken over. Backed by the likes of Jeff Hubbard and the iconic Mike Stewart, it promises to be the organization bodyboarding needs to re-establish its pro ranks and bring in the money . Additionally, groms are taking to the sport in greater numbers than ever before. But even more importantly, the bodyboard is finding its place among surfers’ quivers. [read more]

    Reading the above article gives a bit of hope that more people are becoming accepting but I'm interested to know the following and get your views.

    1. Surfers who bodyboard - which surfers have a bodyboard in their quiver. Are they any good? Got any photos?
    2. Bodyboarders who surf - which bodyboarders have a surfboard in their quiver. Are you one? When do you surf rather than bodyboard?

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  • Alwyn Francois VisserAlwyn Francois Visser
    April 2014

    Very interesting article. I mainly bodyboard but do own two surfboards. I don't surf all that often except when in Jbay and Ebay (both long waves with not much steepness). I feel those two waves are more suited to surfing as the walls aren't as steep and I can't launch them so well when on a bodyboard. I prefer bodyboarding slabs and heavy beachbreaks or waves with fat sections to hit. I surf when the waves don't have a very steep face and just run for ages. That being said, both sides don't particularly understand or like it when I say I surf and bodyboard. But why can't we have best of both??

  • Adam CraemerAdam Craemer
    April 2014

    Interesting read. I'm a booger from a long way back that now has two short boards and a longboard. I still get on my bodyboards for the wedge in mandurah, Perth, and surf trips to Bali etc, but nowadays I'm loving all boards for the ocean. I have no issues with jumping on any boards at any time. I generally take the surfboards out on points and beachies that are a bit fat. Some buddies that surf aren't too keen on the bodyboards, whereas all my bodyboard buddies have no issues with the surfboards. I think that is pretty common for guys my age to say. All my younger mates however don't really care who surfs and who bodyboards.

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