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Lets Revive the Sixty40 Forum

  • ronald911ronald911
    November 2013

    The Online Coverage of Sixty40 is getting stronger, especially now with the online Magazine, but there's still a lot of missing aspects about it.

    We spoke about this 2 years ago, when I made a topic "Is Sixty40 Dead?" and it grabbed a lot of attention from everyone and we all made "commitments" but nothing happened after that.

    I know the South African Bodyboarding scene is rather small compared to Australia and it's understandable. But it would be awesome to revive the forum again. I mean, some of the best Bodyboarding advice I ever got, was on this forum, from getting board advice, bottom turning advice (when I just got into the sport as a 14 year old grom) to travel advice..

    And we even had cool discussions about some non-bodyboarding related things, but we're still communicating with those who share similar interests.

    It's really sad to see that I'm the first one posting in the last 2 years.

    We really need to revamp the forum a little, (I'm prepared to help wherever I can), merge it with the real site and get things back like it was in the old days - and then add some things to make even more attractive.



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