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Big Wave Sponging

  • Brad MarshallBrad Marshall
    February 2013
    Howsit gents and girls

    I'm keen to get into big wave bodyboarding, any info you can share with me regarding jet ski tow in, fitness routines etc? How viable is Dungeons for tow (or paddle)-in bodyboarding?


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  • Eugene van RensburgEugene van Rensburg
    January 2016
    Sup brad
    I've been checking this out for some time now paddling for dungeons means allot of fitness and also the training regime is quite intense mostly cardio and weights the other thing is tow in is easier safer and more effective especially when wipe outs occur and it will the speed of such a wave is intense but me and a buddy have also been thinking of doing it but we still training for it we still building the courage to a wave like dungeons we tried sunset reef and well as you can think huge swell fast moving ocean and make sure you can hold your breath for long hold downs can get intense and wild and insanely long. If you wanna do it let a bro know we would love to see another big wave rider.
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