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  • that NINJA kid
    November 2011
    Where is everyone?

    I shoot a little in the water and kids ask me for photos and when I ask whether they're on Sixty40 they've never heard about it? Have mobile communication and social networks put kids off actual websites or are we just not getting the site out there any more?

    I salute Simon and Kelly for their continued effort! The Canadaian saga has kept me very amped on getting out in the mix again with some travelling! Greg and Vijay are inspirations.

    I also hope I get some replies to this, which will give me someone to chat to in my work hours, just like the old days!

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  • Kyle CabanoKyle Cabano
    November 2011
    I couldnt agree with you more! used to check the site out everyday. there arnt photographers uploading photos and the fomrat of the site has changed too much, not too my liking. and when last were contest results updated? its a pretty sad affair..
  • that NINJA kid
    November 2011
    Not too sad that a little conversation couldn't liven it up...
    Voice your concerns to Kelly! Let's see what works and doesn't.

    I have one:
    Kelly, where has my profile page gone to? I can't find it!
    Is it all Facebook integrated? That, for me, sucks because it's all blocked at work.
    Maybe I'm the minority, maybe not.

    I'm also going to post a few photos in the gallery.
  • that NINJA kid
    November 2011
    Has Photo Upload been disabled?
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